DANA FORREST: Same-Sex Love Under Sharia – Birmingham Is Just The Beginning

MORE Birmingham schools have been bullied into dropping LGBT lessons by the Muslim community, and now the UK Government has bowed to pressure and dropped the classes. 

Over the past month parents at a Birmingham school, that is 99% Muslim, sparked off a battleground over LGBT rights. At one stage three hundred parents protested the inclusion of LGBT topics in their children’s education at Parkfield Community School.

One Muslim mother had been quoted as saying that their young age made it “inappropriate to teach them what is a gay or straight relationship.” (An ironic statement considering that, according to Islamic scholars, the Prophet
Muhammad married a six year old.)

The ongoing protests culminated in a Muslim leader rallying a crowd outside the school in cries of, “shame, shame, shame,” as he denounced those who teach, “it is okay for you to be Muslim and for you to be gay.” He then unveiled his plans to abolish the LGBT programme in “every school in the country.”

Parkfield caved into this pressure and stopped the lessons, known as “No Outsiders”.

Now four more Birmingham schools have followed suit. This is in the city that hosts one of the largest gay pride festivals in Britain.

On the other side of the world Australia has recently celebrated it’s second Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras since Australia legalised same sex marriage (SSM).

Yet the LGBT lobby in both countries seem to be oblivious to the warning signs that the party may soon be over for gay people in the Western world.

Sure the inner city areas in Sydney that the Mardi Gras passes through overwhelmingly voted Yes for SSM. But glossed over was the fact that the seven highest No voting electorates in Australia were also located in Sydney.

These electorates have two defining features: high ethnic diversity as well as high Islamic populations. Indeed Sydney houses the most Muslim residents in Australia.

While the overall Australian population has only 2.6% Muslims, in the Sydney electorate of Blaxland 29.2% of the residents are Muslims. Blaxland recorded the highest No to SSM vote in the country, at 73.9%

Of course it is clear from these statistics that there were more No votes than Muslims, furthermore we can’t be sure which way anyone voted. But a clue was given in an ABC News (Australia) interview with Ali Kadri, then a spokesman for the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Speaking about the SSM debate, he said: “We are afraid if we come out with our opinion then the left may abandon us  for going
against their view.”

A year earlier Iraqi born, Australian actor and writer Osamah Sami, a practising Muslim, recounted how he had received death threats from his community for merely playing the role of a homosexual. In the aftermath of the Pulse gay club massacre, in which 49 people were shot to death by an Islamic terrorist, Sami bravely penned an article telling Muslims that they must  face up to the homophobia
in their religion .

He stated, “Every Muslim is instructed from an early age to believe that gay people are sub-human deviants.”

Of course, we shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that all people who voted No to SSM, or are concerned about their children’s schooling, are homophobic. In Australia, as elsewhere in the Western World, some people who have no issue with homosexuality do have an issue with transgender dogma, and this has made them question the content of their children’s education, as well as making them wary
about supporting LGBT issues in general.

However there is clear evidence that among many Islamic communities there is low tolerance for homosexuality itself.

Here are the facts:

  • Islamic countries have some of the most draconian laws against article from 2017, “There are more than 70 countries where homosexual acts are illegal…just over half are former colonies mostly in Africa that inherited discriminatory laws but never repealed them, while the others are majority-Muslim countries.”
  • The death penalty is on the books of around 11 countries, all of them are Islamic strongholds. This includes Saudi Arabia and Iran who regularly execute homosexuals.
  • ISIS was also noted for throwing gay men off roofs.
  • In Muslim majority Chechnya, since 2017, over 100 homosexuals have been tortured (some killed) in a purge by authorities. Recently a disturbing claim
    has been made that Chechen authorities have ordered people to kill LGBT members of their families.
  • In Banda Aceh, a province in Indonesia where sharia law exists, gay men have been publicly caned.
  • In 2015 the peak Indonesian Islamic body, Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), issued a fatwa calling for the death penalty for some homosexual acts – by the way MUI also issued a fatwa supporting FGM, and they have been heavily involved in halal certification (which calls into question what halal
    certification is actually funding).
  • In 2017 the Indonesian Constitutional Court narrowly (5-4) ruled against making both homosexuality and sex outside of marriage illegal, but the debate has been renewed with a verdict likely mid this year.
  • Data released by PEW in 2013 found that “Muslims overwhelmingly say that homosexual behaviour is morally wrong, including three-quarters or more in 33 of the 36 countries where the question was asked”.

The Birmingham protests prove that some Muslims bring this mindset with them. A poll commissioned by UK’s Channel 4 in 2016 found that “52 per cent of Muslims did not believe that homosexuality should be legal.” Trevor Phillips, the host of the documentary, and the former head of Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, (ironically this is the man who popularised the term Islamophobia), was so alarmed by the survey results that he admitted that on the issue of Muslim integration into Britain he “got almost everything wrong”.

In America attitudes are a little better, but according to 2017 PEW data it is still only just over a half (52%) of American Muslims who, “say homosexuality should be accepted by society.” Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen obviously didn’t agree, he attacked gay nightclub Pulse, in Orlando, in 2016, killing 49 people.

Mateen may have been influenced by the preaching’s of British born Islamic cleric, Farrokh Sekaleshfar, who had been touring Orlando a few months earlier, preaching that “death is the sentence” for gay sex.

Of course Christian fundamentalists aren’t fond of gays either, but they are regularly challenged and mocked by gay activists. But where are the protests when Koranic justifications are used by Imams, Islamists and Islamic regimes to actually murder gays?

One of the few LGBT groups speaking out is Gays Against Sharia, yet when they do so they are labelled far-right.

No doubt the organisers of the upcoming Birmingham Pride will completely ignore these warning signs, just as their Sydney cohort have done, but if the LGBT lobby doesn’t stand up and take action, the party may soon be over for gay people.

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