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DICTATORIAL ELITE: Brexit Party Chair Hits Out At ‘Anti Liberal Democrats’

The so-called ‘Liberal Democrats’ have really shown their true colours as they kick-off the Party Conference season. First, they gave a platform to Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt who used the opportunity to launch a typically colourful rant extolling the virtues of world domination by the EU:

Simply astounding stuff but not altogether unexpected from Verhofstadt who makes a habit of channeling his inner Nazi quite often. His presence, however, does tell us one thing – the Lib Dems have replaced Labour as the Eurocrats darling and most visible cats paw in British politics. This will doubtless have been cemented by the overwhelming and again not unexpected vote to go into the next General Election fighting on a platform of totally revoking Article 50 and overturning Brexit once and for all.

Richard Tice, Brexit Party Chairman, hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that their actions were neither liberal nor democratic:

In terms of numbers at Westminster, the Liberal Democrats, despite the defection of Tory MP’s, remain a small presence for now but don’t be surprised if they emerge from the next General Election as the standard bears of the Remain cause and possibly even overtake Labour as the main opposition Party……

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