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HOLY PIG! Lib Dem Boss Announces He’s ‘Fasting’ For Ramadan

ED Davey, the acting boss of The Liberal Democrats – you know, that irrelevant political party announced that he is ‘fasting’ for the holy month of Ramadan. 

The oddball, who studied at Jesus College in Oxford told his Twitter followers of his move… probably to attract the Muslim vote, but each to their own. 

He tweeted: “It’s an early rise for me today, as I prepare for my first ever fast for the holy month of Ramadan,” said Ed, 54. 

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“I want to show solidarity with Muslims who are in isolation during this month, and this evening there will be a Lib Dem iftar, when we have a virtual community meal together,” the MP continued.” 

“So, Ramadan Mubarak.

He later broke fast rules -by eating fast with dates, rose milk and pakoras. 

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He saw a massive backlash online criticism after pledging “solidarity with Muslims” affected by the coronavirus lockdown.

FoxyTweets said: “This is embarrassing and weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. ”

Micheal Hirons wrote: “Smacks of utter virtue signalling desperation – and at a time when the science says a 12 hour fast depletes your white cell count by 50% and some NHS staff are being encouraged not to fast for reasons of their health, it sends out the wrong message too.”

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Another joked: “Ah well ! Don’t forget to break your fast with a bacon sandwich.”

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