THE FAT CONTROLLER: Liverpool Mayor Attacks Tories After Calling For Lockdown 

LIVERPOOL Metro Mayor Joe Anderson attacked the Tories for putting the city under the UK’s toughest Lockdown tier, despite calling for a ‘total lockdown’ in September. 

Joe Anderson, a stalwart Labour politician that locals say requires a ‘total lockdown’ on his fridge, is facing total annihilation at the next Mayoral elections after he called on the Tory Government to close down his city, leading to locals mercilessly trolling him online.  

On September 29th 2020, Anderson curried the favour of the Mirror Group press telling the Liverpool Echo that Liverpool “needed a full lockdown.”, now he’s blaming Boris for enacting a Tier 3 lockdown on Liverpool “by Diktact.” Yes, really. 

The Fat Controller had previously called for “circuit breaker” shutdown to deal with the virus that was at the time surging in the city – now Liverpudlians are revolting, he’s blaming Boris. 

Mayor Anderson said in September: “I think we now have to break the circuit. I think this is needed in Liverpool but also across the country.”

“We simply cannot see the current level of case increases continuing at this rate.”

“We have the third highest rate in the country and rising rapidly.”

Merseyside prepares for second coronavirus lockdown | News | The Times

“I think there is no question now that we need stronger lockdown measures, how else can we arrest these numbers?”

“We simply cannot allow it to continue to spread at this rate – it is getting out of control.”

“I think a couple of weeks of full lockdown could be the only way that we can arrest that incline and try to bring it under control.”

Mayor Anderson today attacked the Tories and tweeted: “Let’s be clear that having ignored my pleas for over a month, the Government now blame us, and impose “lockdown by diktat” without a full financial package and support for businesses we are levelling down not levelling up. We will continue to stand up for our local businesses.” 

Yet Anderson was calling for a local Lockdown – and the Government now has given into his demands and locals have reacted with anger, Anderson is again keen to blame anyone but himself. 

He has now spoken of his “disbelief” at the “volume of abuse” online by angry Liverpudlians and has vowed to leave Twitter over alleged abuse… (it’s not abuse Mayor Anderson, it’s locals telling you what they think.)


On the other side of the North West region, one metro Mayor has been praised for his fight against the Government’s draconian lockdowns.

Rochdale News | News Headlines | Metro Mayor of Manchester election: Andy Burnham hopes to be re-elected for Labour - Rochdale Online

Andy Burnham has been pushing the Government hard to ensure Greater Manchester would be put in Tier 2. 

It seems Fat Controller Joe Anderson wanted to blame the Government for its failure to enact a full lockdown, rather than accept responsibility for his mishandling of the COVID crisis in Liverpool, despite local Mayors having a veto on Teir 3 lockdowns. 


LOCAL leaders in Red Wall areas in the UK have reportedly been given a veto against the toughest level of Lockdowns. 

Reports suggest that Prime Minister gave local mayors such as Manchester Metro Mayor Andy Burnham a veto over the harshest Teir 3 lockdown rules on response to what local leaders branded “diktats” by Whitehall. 

Burnham refused to accept a Tier 3 lockdown for Greater Manchester – and Boris has not put Greater Manchester under the toughest restrictions. 

Areas in Yorkshire and the North East have also been saved from being forced to close pubs and restaurants after local leaders failed to agree to a Tier Three lockdown. 

In Liverpool, it appears Mayors such as Joe Anderson have accepted Government cash for the draconian lockdown.


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