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DRILL LONDON: The YouTubing Rap Gangs Fuelling London’s Knife Crime Crisis

A FEW days on the radio I heard that gang members in London were arrested for planning a machete attack after making a ‘Drill’ video. What’s a Drill video I thought? Does it involve machetes?

One caller insisted that making a Drill video was no worse than supporting Donald Trump!.. The radio host was taken aback – ‘seriously?’ he said… yes, she really thought these videos about murder were the same as supporting Trump – the president of the USA.

So I decided I just had to investigate. Apparently, gangs make rap videos abusing and insulting other gangs and showing videos of people being stabbed, shot and murdered.

These videos are posted on youtube and some receive millions of hits, making youtube stars out of some of the performers. I use the word performers lightly, as the lyrics are about gangs, drugs and killing. Yet YouTube allows them to be uploaded.

No surprise really I guess, they have after all hosted bomb-making and ISIS videos too!

Many gang members live in poorer areas, but live in a fantasy world of drugs, knives, gangs and murder. But it doesn’t stay as fantasy for long (some fantasy!, hence all the stabbings and shootings going on around the UK and especially London.

Some also glorify the moped muggings we see increasing everywhere, which noticeably also often include weapons. Gangs target ANYONE under a certain age living in the wrong area.

Anyway, this particular gang claimed the weapons were for making a music video! But who makes music videos about murder?? No – Drill videos are linked to real murder across the UK. But how did we get here? Is life THAT futile? Have we lost a whole generation who are so dumbed down they have to play with death?

I am so grateful for my own youth, where I had real dreams for the future land listened to music that was about love and life, and had real friends, not fellow gang members.

How on earth do we get out of this dark place…? Comment below.

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