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“IT’S DIVIDING SOCIETY” Police BLASTED Over Heavy-Handed Tube Mask Enforcement 

BRITISH Transport Police were blasted last night after multiple videos emerged on social media of heavy-handed mask enforcement on the London Underground. 

Former Brexit Party MEP and Journalist Martin Daubney released the video and said: “Mask clampdown on London Tube today led to two arrests on my commute.” 

“Arrest 1 at Vauxhall, man not wearing mask. I arrived part way through this one, he was lacerated on arms, clearly resisted, in huge distress. 10 officers/TfL staff on site.” 

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He then revealed another heavy-handed arrest that he described as “Utterly horrific.”

“It started with a man not wearing a mask & woman came to his aid as he got ticket.” said Martin. 

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“She’d apparently given him her mask (I spoke with the bloke later). It quickly escalated to full-blown violence – the woman assaulted copper & a huge incident followed.” 

Woman then assaulted cop first: pulled off his mask and shoved him in the face. He pushed her away with reasonable force. She flew into him. She then tried to gouge out his eye on arrest. Cop was NOT first to strike, I have given details & will be a witness.” 

“She resisted arrest & had to have her legs strapped together to stop kicking. It looks extreme, but was necessary to avoid injury to her/officers. The female officer restrained her head likewise to avoid injury to her. Reasonable force was used IMO.” 

I’m torn on. It’s easy to blame the cops, but they’re just enforcing bad policy. In the second arrest, they used reasonable force. The bigger point is: surely it’s time to end masks on Tubes/buses? It’s insufferably hot. Masks are scientifically pointless. It’s dividing society. 

“In conclusion: I’m attending a police station 3pm tomorrow to give a statement on this second arrest.” 

“Facts are facts: the woman’s violent reaction was bang out of order. The cop was a good guy & I shook his hand. But he’s enforcing shite legislation. Over & out.” 

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British Transport Police said: “Just for clarity – we were called following reports of a man racially abusing and assaulting TfL staff after being asked to fold his scooter on the escalator. As a result, a man was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated assault.” 

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