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KHAN-DEMNATION: Labour MP Slams Sadiq Khan’s FAILURE To Supply TFL Staff With PPE 

WEAK Sadiq has been condemned yet again for his negligence and lack of action – this time in relation to a failure to provide PPE, and, surprisingly, by a member of his own party. 

Speaking to Dan Wooton on TalkRadio, Labour MP Sam Tarry – a former transport union official – didn’t hold back in alluding to the growing blame being stacked against the Mayor of London’s failure to tackle the pandemic that continues to spread through the capital.

Focusing on Transport For London staff who have died from the Coronavirus while working on the busy underground, overground, and bus networks, Tarry spoke of the many members of staff ignored by the Mayor in their pleas to be provided with protective clothing. 

TFL staff are at high risk of contracting the virus due to close, frequent proximity with large numbers of commuters. Sadly, people have already died as a result of not being supplied with PPE while working for TFL.

“In London for example, 26 bus drivers lost their lives because, you know, there’s a strong argument they didn’t have either the right PPE or certainly it took a long while to shut off certain entrances onto the bus” Tarry told Wooton.


Written by ED HOWARD

A TFL whistleblower claimed that despite Mayor Khan’s insistence, basic safety measures for TFL workers are not being maintained during the Coronavirus pandemic, exposing them to considerable danger.

The insider slammed Mr Khan, telling Politicalite last month “he’s a hypocrite; he keeps attacking the government for not imposing this thing whereby people wear masks… on one hand he does that, but on the other, he shows his complete lack of care for the people who work for the organisation he heads up”.

Khan stated during an interview that while he supported current government advice, he felt that people should “wear non-medical facial coverings, particularly where they can’t keep their social distance”, highlighting transport as one example.

Despite this, the insider revealed that “the equipment isn’t available. If it was, people would wear it”.

The TFL employee also highlighted a lack of PPE and facial coverings offered to the transport workers at this present time.

The whistleblower also highlighted that because ‘the TFL worker is more likely to be carrying this virus, therefore surely his priority should be that they have the PPE, which he’s completely overlooked or disregarded’.

A spokesman for the London Mayor told Politicalite: “In correspondence with the author of this article, a spokesman for the Mayor’s Office confirmed that the reason why such equipment isn’t available for TFL workers is that the ‘latest advice from scientific experts is that PPE is not required in non-care settings and could be counterproductive.”

“As this is being constantly reviewed the Mayor has asked TFL to look into the availability of PPE for transport workers should the advice change’.”

He also highlighted that ‘extensive daily cleaning takes place across the network’ and that TFL ‘has asked customers to not sit in seats nearest to bus drivers with signage’ and ‘will be introducing middle-door only boarding on all London buses from Monday following a successful trial’. He also confirmed that ‘all drivers on London Buses are shielded from public interaction by a clear protective screen’.


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