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THE BRITISH LION FIGHTS BACK: Patriots RISE UP Against Radical Left in London

PATRIOTS rose up against the antifa-linked Black Lives Matter thugs in London yesterday in a stunning show of defiance.

Whilst the event was mobbed by a few drunken thugs intent on causing violence, the early parts of the protest went down well with the silent majority.

Britain’s Elitist and highly biased mainstream media attacked patriots and branded them ‘far right thugs’ and ‘nazis’ despite many colours and creeds attending.

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I attended the event as a journalist, the far right has dangerous violent elements and as a black man walking through what the mainstream media describe as ‘Far Right Nazis’ , I was shitting it.

Yet, whilst standing recording video, receiving no racist abuse or attacks, I realised that the mainstream media and the radical left are keeping working class Britons divided.

I saw lads at the event I would see down my local, I saw women that looked like people from my left behind home town, these are not the people to be afraid off, it’s the biased mainstream media who automatically brand patriotic Brits – both blacks and white ‘Far Right’.

I no longer fear that label. If Britain has to board up statues of its greatest war time leader, then its time to fight back.

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THE BOOZY Football Lads Alliance causes havoc, but also displayed typical Britishness.

They ran down Whitehall chanting ‘Engerland’ like it was a World Cup Final.

Fat footy boys helped OAP footy lads over a police barrier in something out of a British comedy film, but it was great to see them fight back against racist labels, these people don’t hate black people, or foreigners, they just want Britain to take PRIDE in itself again.

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They want Britain to be PROUD of its history, culture and heritage.

Britain is one of the most tolerant places on Earth. Especially London, working classes mix and work with Poles, many footy lads don’t mind dating naughty Polish birds either.

The patriots are not far right, they just want their county back, and after today, they seem to be winning among the everyday Brits.


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A SMALL Minority of Footy Thugs attacked brave Met Police officers trying to keep the peace, and prevent a full scale race riot.

Brave boys and girls in blue have to stay impartial and can’t be seen to support any side, but the Police did a great job of keeping everyone safe, and preventing serious deaths.

That’s front line officers, higher up, Orwellian forces had a more sinister plan to halt the protests, and that’s a story Politicalite will be exclusively revealing tomorrow.

We promise, you’ll love what mischievous Politicalite got up too ?

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