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LOVE ISLE ROW: ITV’s #LoveIsland Accused of ‘Hypocrisy’ After Ignoring “Be Kind” Message

ITV was accused of ‘hypocrisy’ over a message Love Island posted hitting out at viewers reacting to events on the hit-reality show.

The move came after Chloe Burrows family and friends received vile messages on social media from vile trolls.

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Her family and friends later claimed they had received “vile” abuse.

“We hate to introduce ourselves under such vile circumstances but we’ve had enough, after just 3 episodes.” the family said.

ITV responded by issuing a statement asking viewers “be kind” – despite airing a task that asked Islander Brad to kiss a contestant he found most attractive and the one he found least attractive and booting our one girl after just a few days.

“We hate to introduce ourselves under such vile circumstances but we’ve had enough, after just 3 episodes.”

“We all have thick skin but the amount of trolling Chloe has been receiving is absolutely disgusting. This morning we woke up to yet another DM (see next story), encouraging Chloe to kill herself – there have been HUNDREDS. Have the deaths of Sophie, Mike and Caroline taughttheirothing? [sic]”

“Not only that, but people are flooding her inbox threatening to kill her themselves. People… this is a GAME show, there is a cash prize!”

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Yet, Our Love Island reporter Benny blasted ITV and said producers were being hypocritical by asking viewers to “be kind” despite asking contestants to “kiss the woman you find least attractive.”

“How can ITV turn around and say that, where was the same message for Shannon who was evicted after just three days?”

Love Island's Brad McClelland gets first snog of the show with Faye Winter as Toby Aromolaran sucks Kaz Kamwi's toes

“They made her quarantine for two weeks and get ready for the biggest experience of her life; only to boot her off two days into the series.”

“The thing is; we all know about the past deaths from the show but the blame has to lie with ITV; and not viewers.

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“They are turning people into monsters with their editing, and everyone is allowed an opinion – but not to the extent some trolls are telling contestants to “kill themselves or threatening there life” but people have a right to comment on what they are viewing, that is a massive part of the show.”

“If it wasn’t for the fans on social media; the show wouldn’t be as big as it is now, the memes and banter posts the list goes on.”

Love Island continues nightly at 9pm on ITV2

Politicalite has approached ITV for comment.

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