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ALT NEWS SHADOWBAN: Facebook is censoring Alt News as ‘Spam’

FACEBOOK has attacked the Alternative News Media and is marking links and content posted by Alt Media outlets as ‘Spam’.

In an effort to combat fake news and misinformation on the platform, the social network has made changed to News Feed, but it’s marking legitimate news as SPAM and even Politicalite has been affected.

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Yesterday from around 0900am , all link posts on our page have been removed from Politicalite’s Facebook page – without any explanation.

We removed all admins from our page – and then repeatedly posted the same links, only for them to be removed AGAIN by Facebook.

We posted on our page asking if readers could see information, many said they had not seen any ‘link’ stories we had posted all morning.

Politicalite recently registered as an official news company, and Politicalite UK Ltd Director and Editor Jordan James said at the time: “In recent days there has been a crackdown on Free Speech and the Alternative media with the banning of InfoWars on multiple platforms.”

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“Becoming ‘Politicalite UK Ltd’ will hopefully give us some added protection against the state censors, as we are now a legitimate news company.”

“We will follow rules, regulations but we will never lose our rebellious nature.”

We contacted Facebook for comment but received no response from the social media network.

The changes were supposed to make the Feed more reliable with so many people nowadays relying on it primarily for their daily news, whether it be by reading it from publications posting news on its pages or through friends sharing information.

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Business Insider reported that “One of the biggest changes that Facebook will be making will be that it will now start to prioritise engagements and interactions between you, your family and your friends over other types of content.

This is done to provide users with a different experience, where they are more involved with the people around them, and can be seen as a way to reconnect with friends or people from the past.

“When you’re using Facebook, we want you to have fun as well”, said Sara Su, product manager of Facebook’s News Feed team.

The second major change is Facebook’s enhanced measures against fake news and misinformation.

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With the nature of news in this day and age, the Facebook team are very aware of the challenges and complexities they face when trying to tackle the issue.

As such, they’ve come up with three steps to address dangerous accounts: Remove, Reduce and Inform.

Fake accounts as well spam accounts will be removed from the site when they are detected.

If a source is deemed to be posting false news, Facebook will also try to reduce the amount of visibility it has on the pages of others. These are for cases that are deemed not extreme enough to remove, but they will still be impeded for spreading harmful information.

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Lastly, Facebook will increase its efforts to inform users on the news they read.

More context will be provided on stories, and users will soon have the ability to see an “About” section on an article they are reading. This section will also shed more information on the publisher.

That way users themselves will be able to decide for themselves if they would like to consume the news.

Related articles will also be suggested to users, and some articles will be checked for accuracy in a new feature on Facebook called “Fact-Checking”.

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The new feature is tailored specifically for each country, with independent fact-checking organisations from, for example, Singapore checking local publications and its news to determine if it is indeed credible.

Users will then be able to know for sure that the news they read is safe if it has been verified by the fact checkers.

Facebook has fact-checking partners in 17 countries today and is currently investing in ways to scale these efforts globally including Southeast Asia.”

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