BBC ‘Wastes Millions’ On EastEnders Set Whilst Cutting Free Licences for over-75s

A proposed increase to the BBC licence fee has been met with a furious response and from April, it will increase to £154.50.

The BBC is also reportedly lobbying MPs to  help the corporation avoid plans for free TV licenses for over-75s.

The government plans to stop subsidising free licenses next year, but initially did so on the understanding the BBC would fund them itself.

The BBC has now written to MPs to suggest that it is unable to fund any free licences, adding the sustainability of the organisation “is already at risk”.

However, it was revealed recently that a new set at BBC Elstree for EastEnders is millions of pounds over budget and five years late, the cost of the new outdoor set is reported to be around £20m and the BBC has been accused of “wasting taxpayer cash.”


The costs of the new set are lower than alternative plans to relocate away from Borehamwood.

A source told Politicalite: “It is worth pointing out that the reason Albert Square needs to be rebuilt is that the original set consists mostly of steel frames with plywood and plastic facings.”

” This was all intended to last 2 or 3 years when it was built in 1984, in fact it has just about lasted more than 33 years.”

”Much of the set is in very poor condition and is dangerous in high winds – panels have blown off and some of the steelwork is very rusty.  Scenes have had to be restaged as the backgrounds looked so bad.  In fact, the cameras on the outdoor set are switched to SD in order to reduce detail so viewers see fewer of the tell-tale faults.“

”Obviously the set is also costing a great deal to maintain and keep as safe as possible.”

It is time for the government to stop the BBC draining the taxpayer dry or is the Beeb value for money?.

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