The biggest weapon in the fight against the Radical-Left and Mainstream Media is YOU via Social Media

THERE’S a recurring trend when a protest or mass abuse scandal arises, the silence or attack from certain wings of the mainstream media.

Yesterday, thousands attended an event in London’s Hyde Park in response to the government’s crackdown on free speech, if you have heard about it, ask yourself How did you hear about that? via social media and the Alternative Media.

Have you read or watched anything about the events in Hyde Park from the BBC, Sky News, ITV News, LBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Independent or The Evening Standard? Of course, you haven’t – this is what we call a “mainstream media blackout.”


Take the grooming gang scandal in Telford, the BBC ignored the story for days, When people on social media called out the Beeb, they finally reported it, but buried between a story about Crufts and Council Tax.

Imagine life before the internet and social media, how many things have been ignored and covered up by the likes of the BBC.

When describing the abuse faced by one victim, Lucy Lowe at the hands of her 26-year-old abuser in 2001, the BBC described the victim as the rapist’s “girlfriend”.

The BBC, our subsidised national broadcaster ignored child abuse just like they did when Jimmy Savile was roaming around Television Centre with his penis out.

Our so-called “free press” that for hundreds of years were believed to be honest, and truthful are being shown up for total frauds that they are.

Take for instance The Sun, a newspaper that is mostly read by white working-class builders who work on big jobs and brew tea in baths…  ask yourself if The Sun tells the truth to those readers…

No, of course, they don’t.

They systematically lie to the people who make them the Number ONE newspaper in the UK.

When The Sun reported on the banning of Martin Sellner and Brittany Pettibone, they accused the pair of being “far-right racists”.

When they reported on Tommy Robinson being attacked by left-wing extremists,  they questioned his attack by using the word “alleged” and branded him a “Far-right” leader and repeatedly mentioned his links to the EDL, an organisation which Tommy left years ago.

The very person who shares the same views as the majority of their own readers gets slandered and smeared – because The Sun is on the side of the Establishment.

The Labour-supporting Daily Mirror is just the same, they claim to be a bastion of truth fighting for working-class Labour voters and yes, they may have broken the Telford Abuse story, but they described the assailants simply as “Asian”

No, they weren’t Asian, they weren’t from China, Hong Kong or Japan, they were Pakistani Muslim men.

Not once did they mention the recurring theme of most cases – the assailant’s religion.

When we talk about paedophile Catholic priests, we use the word Catholic we don’t sugar-coat the facts when Christianity is concerned so why should we do the same for Islam?

We are able to see these things more clearly because we are all connected via social media, every comment thread can expose a story and reveal what the majority of readers really think, for some reason, the Mainstream Media is oblivious to this.

The rise of social media has allowed the world to tell their story without the media middleman – who hold the power to distort the facts and hide the truth, to protect the powerful.

No longer do we need to rely solely on the Mainstream Media, we all have a smartphone with an internet connection and you can read content from our site, InfoWars and Breitbart you can even balance the facts by hopping to left-wing outlets like The Canary and Evolve Politics, although the latter has been exposed as a fake news peddler.

Without social media giving power to the people during Brexit, organisations such as Leave.EU – who many think helped to swing the referendum, David Cameron would still be Prime Minister and Britain would be staying in the EU.

Over in America, the rise of the likes of Breitbart and InfoWars along with Trump’s twitter account has helped Donald Trump enter the White House.

The American voters could read the truth, without the Mainstream Media middleman who slandered him and backed Hillary.

Without Twitter, Facebook, Breitbart and InfoWars Donald Trump would not be in office.

Mr Trump is able to “Bomb the sh*t” out of the mainstream media lies via Twitter and the U.S. media no longer has the ability to distort the truth.

So whats the lesson? Its simple, take what the Mainstream media say with a pinch of salt, they have an agenda, and it isn’t the truth.

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