BUSH VS. THE BBC: Jeb Bush CALLS OUT the Beeb’s bias 

FORMER Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has called out the BBC for its anti-Conservative Party bias. 

He slammed the corporation on his Twitter account attacking ‘biased political coverage’ of the organisation, all the while how he felt that the organisation was ‘incredibly rude’ to Conservative Party MPs, and how it was being funded by UK taxpayers. 

He also commented how inferior it was from their world service, especially the comparative ‘vitriol’ towards ‘UK politics’.

From this, the former governor of Florida (who is related to two former Presidents, those being his father George H. W. Bush and his brother George W. Bush, also Republicans) earned much support on his Twitter feed, with one user going ‘Jeb, never a truer word spoken’, another going ‘spot on’ and others sharing similar praise.

This comes as there is increasing pressure on the BBC by the Conservative government to change to a subscription fee, as they’re planning on cancelling the mandatory license fee when the company’s Royal Charter is renewed in 2027. It also comes in light of Conservative Ministers being banned from Radio 4’s Today programme, out of the perceived bias against them. 


Some Conservative MPs however have been extremely critical of the government’s combative response to the organisation, most notably former First Secretary of State under Theresa May, Damian Green who commented on Conservative Home that it would be bad for the country as it would undermine the institution that ‘the place that brings the country together’ and that overall, it would lead to a ‘weaker British culture – and no Conservative can seriously want that’.

The Beeb has faced criticism for being biased to the left before, most notably by former employee and journalist Robin Aitken, who wrote a trilogy of books on the subject matter, culminating in the 2018 release The Noble Liar: How and Why the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a Liberal Agenda

Studies have also alleged that the organisation is biased to the left, and against Euroscepticism. Even some of the Beeb’s more ardent defenders (like The Mail On Sunday journalist Peter Hitchens) have admitted that the alleged bias of the organisation isn’t worth it anymore.

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