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Channel 4 marks first Anniversary of UK’s WORST Islamic Terror Attack by attacking ‘Far-Right’ and Pandering to Muslims

CHANNEL 4 decided to mark the first anniversary of the worst Islamist terrorist attack on British soil by producing a documentary on British police investigating so-called ‘Hate Crime.’

Christopher Eccleston narrated the left-wing documentary shadowing Greater Manchester Police as they monitored hate crimes in Manchester after the Arena bombing last May that killed 22 innocent Brits, including children.

“The number of reported incidents jumped in the days following the attack and there are disturbing first-hand accounts from those who have been intimidated or assaulted.” said Channel 4.

The broadcaster then attacked Tommy Robinson: “While rabble-rousers such as Tommy Robinson try to stir up unrest, community leaders, such as the burdened but patient imam Irfan Chishti, preach unity and tolerance.”

The evidence of ‘Hate Crime’ that was used by Channel 4 were incidents unrelated to the attacks or Islam itself.

“Banana skins and golliwogs pushed through letterboxes, A woman called “a Polish b—h, Polish druggy, Polish s–g”. A man’s car windows smashed: “I’m the only black person in the area, I don’t know if that’s got anything to do with it.” one ‘victim’ said.

This was the flimsy evidence that the programme used to brand Britain a nation of ‘Hate’ following the Manchester Attack.

Well, I have a message for you Channel 4… Britain isn’t a Nation of Hate.

Brits have been told to forget the events in Manchester and we were urged to ‘Not look back in Anger.’

We held hands, sang Oasis songs and held a pop-concert. We didn’t attack those wearing Burkinis’ in Britain’s 2017 ‘Summer of Terror.’

Lets put this shower of shite into context….lets imagine its September 11th 2002… NBC has just aired 9/11: A Year of Hate Crime” …imagine the outcry.

Tax-payer funded Channel 4 should be focusing on the real victims, the British people who have come under repeated attack from Islamic Terrorists.

The real perpetrators of HATE CRIME are the terrorists themselves, you know, the ones who blow up our fucking children at pop concerts.

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