CNN ‘urges’ White House Press Corps To Abandon White House And Praises British Prime Ministers


CNN has run an article which branded Donald Trump a ‘bully’ and urged the entire White House press corps to walk out of the White House following the WH banning it’s reporter little Jim Acosta. 

In a post on the CNN website, British journalist Jane Merrick writes: “In response to a man who treats his Presidency as if it’s a series of a particularly bizarre reality-TV show, the entire White House press corps should walk out. Deny him coverage. Take him off the air. Cancel his series. Leave him to rage into Twitter’s echo chamber, which is all he deserves.”

She then goes on to PRAISE British Prime Ministers for taking tough questions from the press – despite the current British Prime Minister failing to appear in political debates and refusing interviews with ITV’s morning show, Good Morning Britain, Channel 4 News and Channel 5 News.

Jane wrote: “In Britain, too, Prime Ministers are asked tough, sometimes very hardline questions. I have covered UK politics during the terms of four Prime Ministers, and I have never seen a response like this.”

Merrick wrote the article despite BuzzFeed revealing that Number 10 was allegedly restricting UK broadcaster Sky News during the 2017 election.

The news channel, launched in 1989 told BuzzFeed it was being cut out of access to the prime minister’s events as a result of its political coverage.

“Since early in the election campaign, Sky News has not been getting live interviews on election issues with Conservative ministers,” a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News. “Also, we weren’t initially invited to follow the leader’s tour. We understand this to be because members of the prime minister’s team are unhappy with aspects of our political coverage. Sky News stands by its journalism and is committed to fair, impartial, and accurate reporting of all the political parties.”

The treatment of Sky News was described as a “highly unusual intervention.”

Whilst Politicalite is no fan of the highly biased Sky News, this is not how a Prime Minister should be treating the media and shows she’s just as hostile to ‘bad press.’

Maybe Jane needs to take a look in her own back garden, before commenting on the affairs of a foreign country.

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