CUT OFF AUNTY: Defund the BBC launches UK-Wide Billboard Campaign

ANTI-Licence fee group ‘Defund the BBC’ has launched a UK-wide advertising blitz aiming to drum up support for the campaign to decriminalise non-payment of the TV licence.

The group has raised over £30,000 since it’s launch is now asking Brits ‘are you still paying?’ on massive billboards with the salary of top BBC earners such as Emily Maitlis and Gary Lineker.

One has already been revealed in South East London.

Rebecca Ryan, Campaign Director of Defund The BBC, told Westmonster that: “This is the first of hopefully many billboards that will be cropping up across the country, as more and more people chip in to help put an end to BBC harassment and intimidation.”

“It’s not right that, in this digital age, people have to pay the BBC in order to watch Sky News on YouTube, and – just to add insult to injury – suffer ‘Aunty’s’ metropolitan groupthink along the way.”

“The mainstream media are hoping that if they ignore Defund The BBC we will quietly disappear. We call on everyone to chip in what they can, so that we can let people know – through billboards across the country – that we don’t have to pay to be insulted anymore.”


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