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DANK DUMPED: BBC Drop Count Dankula After Mail On Sunday ‘Outrage’

YOUTUBER ‘Count Dankula’ has been dropped by the BBC following an attack in the Scottish Mail On Sunday.

Dankula, who was due to star in a new panel show on the BBC’s new ‘BBC Scotland’ channel was hired in an attempt for the BBC to connect with a younger audience, but they chickened out and dropped the YouTuber following an attack in the Scots Mail on Sunday.

The paper described Dankula as a ‘Nazi’ and ran a front-page story with the headline “BBC GIVES TV JOB TO NAZI HATE CRIMINAL”.

A hack from the MoS had contacted Dankula to ask him for comment about the new show, but he declined as he knew the usual mainstream media tricks.

Credit: Count Dankula

He was fined £800 by a Scottish court over a joke video of himself teaching his girlfriends dog to do a Nazi salute to annoy her.

Dank received support from fellow YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson along with activist Tommy Robinson and comedians including Ricky Gervais.

He was found guilty and the incident caused a storm with many on the right accusing the British court system of ‘Authoritarian’ Orwellian overreach.

In an interview last year, Dankula said the case was ‘really scary for comedians.’

The YouTube star was convicted of posting material that was “grossly offensive” and “anti-Semitic and racist in nature” in breach of the Communications Act, in an offence aggravated by religious prejudice, following a trial at Airdrie Sheriff Court.

Dankula waved and smiled as he left the court, adding: “To anyone trying to say I ‘Nazi saluted’ on my way out of court… I was waving you dunce.”

He also revealed that he “Dabbed” when he got his sentence by tweeting: “People are asking me to confirm the rumour going around, that after my sentence was handed down, I turned around to the audience gallery of the courtroom and dabbed.”

More follows.

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