DATED AND HATED: TV Licence Could be AXED as 96.8% Support Decriminalisation of Non-Payment

THE DATED and Hated TV Licence Fee system might be abolished in 2027 the Government has said as 96.8% of our own readers backed the decriminalisation of non-payment.

The despised fee that funds biased news, TV and radio channels and programming may be abolished by 2027 as the Government claims the corporation must find new ways of funding itself.

The Government has said it is “open-minded” about how to fund the national broadcaster but said further cuts to the bloated BBC budget could be on the horizon.

One way to cut the bloated corporations budget could be to cut the mega-bucks salaries of some of its stars such as Gary Lineker, Graham Norton and Chris Evans and Huw Edwards.

In 2017 it was revealed that the corporation paid more than To Chris Evans £2.5m and Footie pundit Gary Lineker on £1.8m – they earned more than the Prime Minister.

Claudia Winkleman earned £499k a year and The One Shows’ Alex Jones raked in whopping £450,000 a year – showing the BBC pays men more than women.

Over at BBC News, the gravy train was full steam ahead with Jeremy Vine earning £750k, News at Ten’s Huw Edwards is on £600k and then Radio 4’s Today host – John Humphrys earns £640k.

To add insult to financial injury, these BBC luvvies spend most of their time on the network talking down to the little people after taking our hard-earned money, and branding Brexiteers ‘Stupid’ from their Elitist perch in the liberal London bubble.

Well, for once they may be right. It is STUPID for us to pay their bloated salaries that keep the BBC gravy train going.

Is it time to ABOLISH the fee? That may be on the cards, but first the BBC may be hit with a whopping £200m loss as the Government eyes up abolishing laws that make it a criminal offence not to pay the TV licence.

More than 120,000 of the poorest in society are prosecuted for non-payment of the licence fee, with five per cent jailed.

Whilst the BBC is a much-loved asset of Britain, it must find new ways of funding itself wether it be via Taxes, Subscriptions or Advertising.

The Licence-free is outdated in 2020, it’s also more expensive than a yearly subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Former BBC Controller Micheal Grade claimed that the British people love the BBC: “I’d say this to the Government, ‘Be very careful. The British people love the BBC. They love to hate it sometimes but they love the BBC and will support it.” said Grade.

“And if they feel the independence of the BBC is being threatened by any government, they will not take kindly to it’.”



We asked if the BBC Licence Fee should be Decriminalised.

In the poll of 4,074 people 96.8% of you voted YES vs 3.2% who said NO.

Many of you also responded, here are some of the views on the BBC Licence Fee.

What do YOU think? Let us know by replying to @Politicalite on Twitter with the hashtag #PoliticaliteLicenceFee

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