DAILY FAIL: Tommy brands Fake News media ‘Desperate’ after Mail hires ‘Handwriting expert’ to discredit him

TOMMY Robinson branded the Daily Mail ‘Desperate’ after the paper hired a ‘handwriting expert’ to discredit the hugely popular right-wing activist.

Letters penned by the right-wing activist during his time as a political prisoner at the hands of the British state,were leaked to the Metro, which is also owned by the Daily Mail’s parent company DMG Media by the Prison Service.

Our Tommy, who has refused to speak to the lying Fake News media on his release from Prison last week, said: “The fake are desperate to discredit me, I’m embarrassed for them. ‘Handwriting expert’ ”

Tommy complained about the food that was cooked by Muslim inmates, who later threatened him.

He was forced to eat just a few peices of fruit and a Tin of Tuna per day.

Tommy also complained about the sheer scale of Radical Islamic Muslim inmates that put his life at risk.

The right-wing activist also asked for a TV – as he was being kept in Solitary confinement in a cell with just a blue mat. – That is mental torture, designed to break him.

The so-called expert said: “His handwriting suggests he is ‘immature, insecure and manipulative’.

The pathetic attempt to smear Tommy was so embarrassing it only received 18 shares, it’s clear that no one is believing their lies anymore.

The Daily Mail, a supposedly right-wing outlet, will surely lose even more readers for attacking our working-class hero.

The Daily Mail regularly attacks Islam, Immigrants and has stoked tensions for years, but the hypocrites attack our Tommy because he’s exposing the Media Establishment for what they are.

Tommy’s regiment of online ‘Fake News attackers seems to be having an effect on the MSM though, the Daily Fail is now referring to Tommy as a ‘Right-wing’ activist, instead of ‘Far-Right’.

To complain about the story, contact The Metro and the Daily Mail’s fill in their complaints form below. where you will find an easy-to-use complaints form

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