Fake News Journos Need To Realise They’re Just Not That Important Anymore 

POMPOUS Journalists are getting a sharp wake-up call in Brexit Britain after spending the past three years campaigning for Britian to stay in the EU. 

Number 10 decided to ban leftie outlets that don’t represent the people leading to left wing Labour leadership hopeful Sir Keir Starmer calling on the Cabinet Office to investigate Number 10’s decision to ban some outlets – that it has every right to do. For far too long the media has wielded unhealthy power but no more.

A pack of rabid fake news rodents in the press Lobby walked out yesterday after only a select few were invited to a briefing at Downing Street within hours of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s speech on a UK-EU trade deal.

They’re crying fowl but have spent the past few years using their privilege to try to overturn the Brexit result. On Brexit night they failed to show the true crowds at a Brexit rally to mark the occasion.

News agency PA, The Daily Mirror and i newspapers, and Huffpost UK, Politics Home and The Independent websites were all barred entry, according to reports.

Number 10 said: “We’re welcome to brief whoever we like, whenever we like.” and it’s high time these fake news charlatans got a taste of their own medicine.

After spending the past few years mocking Brexiteers and the working-class – its about time they realised that they’re just not that important anymore.

The BBC marked Brexit night by dressing the studio in a literal EU flag and its Children’s arm re-posted an anti-British video on its Twitter feed that was slammed by millions of Brexiteers. ITV News held a remain ‘love in’ and Sky refused to air the Prime Ministers address to the nation on the historic night. 

One comedian even refused to appear on the BBC due its ‘‘overwhelming bias and anti-British propaganda’.

In a mainstream first, hilarious funny man Alistair Williams who has appeared on Comedy Central and The Comedy Store rejected a BBC request to appear on a BBC Radio 5 Live programme about the UK’s exit from the EU. 

The comic told the BBC: “Thanks for the opportunity to feature on the BBC’s Brexit coverage. However, due to the overwhelming bias and anti-British propaganda being produced by the BBC I’m [sic] afraid I would not be comfortable appearing on the network at this time.” 

Alistair exclusively told Politicalite: “I feel we can’t trust the BBC to give accurate, unbiased coverage anymore.” 

Alistair also slammed BBC News set designers who dressed the BBC News Studio in the ‘EU flag’ for its Brexit Night coverage sparking outrage among Brexiteers. 

Alistair joked that “The studio looks like an Ikea advert!” 

In the age of social media and citizen journalism – these elite journalists that only adhere to a Globalist worldview need to realise that they’re just not that important anymore. 

The nation has woken up to their lies and fake news, now they’ve become obsolete. 

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