FIRST FOR SNITCHING NEWS: Sky News BLASTED For Stasi ‘Expose’ on Northern Pubs

SKY News was blasted by Brits last night after attempting to shut-down several British pubs claiming they were ignoring rules to take down people’s information.

The news network – owned by the left-wing American media company Comcast took on hard-working publican an attempt to push for the ‘closing’ of pubs so schools can re-open, despite no hard evidence that this will help beat COVID-19.

Sky News filmed secretly in TEN Greater Manchester pubs and then ran hit pieces claiming “Nine of them ignored rules to collect customers’ contact details.”

Social media users were quick to slam the leftie news network with Labour activist Paul Embery branding the stunt reminiscent of East Germany.

“Anyone else feel that, with each passing day, we are becoming a little bit more like East Germany?” he wrote on Twitter.

One user wrote: “I think it’s appalling that a news channel resorts to spying on people and reporting them.”

“East Germany, China, Comcast sly News have truly exposed themselves for the Traitors they are, people could lose their livelihoods, jobs, business . Shut Sly News down.””

Celebrity Publican Adam Brooks slammed Sky News writing: “I’ll remind those trying to catch out businesses for mistakes during this time,has consequences for the many staff that rely on the jobs they have there,many with families to feed. Any concerns on these ‘guidelines’ ,because that’s all they are, should raised sensibly on premises”

Another wrote: “It’s not even a law! It’s optional guidance. How can one of the 2 main news channels in the UK get it so wrong and misleading?”

One user said: “Soon there would be no difference between uk and China/East Germany…(any communist country). It is fuelled by the disgusting media behaiour, looking to sensationalising every angle of this created crisis.”

Jane wrote: “Seems we have a new generation that likes being told what to do and fears freedom. This is the age old mentality that enables totalitarianism.”

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