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Inside the UK’s biggest selling paper… what really goes on in that Newsroom? and is it really as evil as the left make out?

I started this political blog around four months ago after several unsuccessful attempts to get into the media industry.

It’s a way to showcase my journalistic skills and hopefully gain meaningful employment in the sector that I love and admire so much.

Earlier this week, that plan started to pay off and I was offered an interview for an Apprenticeship at the UK’s biggest selling daily newspaper…. The Sun.

Now, immediately I knew, that being from the north not everyone was going to be supportive, simply because it was ‘The Scum’ .

I received much light hearted banter from my friends, particularly one from Liverpool who suggested I apply for a better paper – such as The Sunday Sport. – (no you are not getting paid for quote) 

Many people hate The Sun – some because they hate anything popular, some due to Hillsborough and some hate it because of Rupert Murdoch’s wrongly percieved control of the UK media.

The left’s rhetoric regarding Murdoch controlling most of the UK’s media is, in fact, a Myth.

He owns only two daily papers, The Sun and The Times/Sunday Times and a 39% stake in Sky – When it comes to mass media reach, it is in-fact the BBC who has the most influence.

Personally, I’ve always admired the paper, its bold, edgy and fun, the people who criticize it have probably never even read a copy.

The Sun taps into the market that I write for… the working class silent majority who feel politically lost due to Corbyn and those who aren’t natural Tories, so it seemed like the perfect fit.

The Sun prides itself on being populist, there are not many public school boys in this newsroom, just everyday people who love what they do.

So… I bet you are wondering…what is it actually like inside the biggest selling paper in the UK?


The Sun: 1.6m

Daily Mail: 1.5m

Metro: 1.4m

London Evening Standard: 887K

Daily Mirror: 724K

Telegraph: 472K

The Times: 451K

Daily Star: 443K

Daily Express: 443K

The Guardian: 156K

Well, I hate to break it to you…  there isn’t a bunch of right-wing fanatics running the paper, you don’t have to give Murdoch your soul for life and the paper isn’t located upon a hill like The Simpsons version of Republican HQ…

It’s located in a multi-million-pound building facing The Shard with awe-inspiring views, shared with News Corps main titles such as The Times, The Sunday Times and UK offices of the Wall Street Journal – the building clearly represents The Sun’s mass popularity.

View from the top of the ‘News Building’

You’d also be surprised at the demographic of the content producers, The Sun has invested heavily in state of the art editing software  and the newsroom is filled with young people who are editing content for Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. On Facebook they have 2.5 million likes – More than daily readers.

I was given a tour of the newsroom, where we came across Dan Wooton, perched on his chair looking the King of Showbiz that he is, He was surrounded by a harem of fabulously dressed women, it was very Devil Wears Prada-esque.

The Sun’s red bus… which is also a photo booth which prints a personalised front page.

Adorned on the walls are The Sun’s famous headlines such as the 1980s ‘Gotcha’,’Freddie Starr ate my Hamster’, the 90s classics such as ‘If Kinnock Wins Today, Will The Last Person in Britain Please Turn out the Lights’‘Zip Me Up Before You Go-Go’ and more recent ones such as ‘How Do You Solve a Problem like Korea?’.

The Sun is proud of its influence on British culture, visiting the newsroom dispelled any of the lefties myths on what this paper is about, it’s just a paper with a collaborative team who come from a wide range of backgrounds, The Cheif Editor told us that Journalism Degrees are useless and that Journalism is a trade, not an academic route, hence his support for The Sun’s Apprenticeship programme. 

Just because we are buying fewer papers, The Sun isn’t setting on the jewel in Murdoch’s empire, sorry lefties but The Sun is here to shine brightly.

They produce up to 400 stories for the website per day, and are often number one on Google search thanks to their SEO wizards who plan months in advance for the content that will be a hit with readers.

So not only holding the title of the biggest selling newspaper in the UK, (1.5m) they are fastly becoming the biggest news and entertainment website in Britain.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get the position on The Sun’s Apprenticeship scheme, but it was a great way to find out how a newspaper works and dispel any of the leftie myths upon the organization – Thanks to all at The Sun for a fantastic and enjoyable opportunity. 

The Sun’s Greatest Headlines… 

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