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IT’S OFFICIAL! Freedom Day Set For JULY 19th Now Hancock is Gone

FREEDOM Day is set for July 19th, and it’s all thanks to… The Sun.

Just a few weeks ago, the left-wing Murdoch hating press such as The Guardian were cheering at the news that The Sun – Britain’s biggest-selling and most-read daily newspaper was marked down as “Worthless”.

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Yet, it wasn’t an election or a protest that ended the career of Matt Hancock, it was dirty tabloid journalism at its very finest, tabloid journalism that has got everyone in the country talking about one of the biggest political scandals since Profumo.

Matt Hancock photo prevented from trending on Twitter by anti-porn filters

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock – a little pro-lockdown weasel who underminded the PM on easing restrictions at every opportunity was the main cabinet figure keeping Brits from their freedom.

Hancock was the MP who pushed for masks, forced vaccination and the one who declared it was “too early” to say whether all lockdown restrictions can be lifted earlier this month.

“We’ll make that decision based on more data in the next week to 10 days, ahead of June 14, as we’ve set out.” said Hancock on June 3rd – just a few weeks after he was papped on a date with his tax-payer funded aide Gina Colangelo, and a few days before ‘Handsy’-cock had been breaking his own rules double jabbing his tax-payer funded aide in his office.

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Matt Hancock clings on as pressure mounts over links to adviser | Financial  Times

Matt Hancock leaving Downing St with taxpayer funded ‘hooker’ Gina Colangelo

Hancock’s comments came as Boris insisted there was “nothing in the data at the moment” to prevent ending Covid-19 restrictions with 75% of UK adults across the UK having had their first coronavirus jab.

Yet pro-Lockdown Hancock, vying for the top job declared: “What we need to work out is to what extent the vaccination programme has protected enough of us, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, against a new surge.”

“And there, I’m afraid, the data is just still ambiguous.”

Hancock was also responsible for the loss of trust between the Tories and the Electorate after promising that we would be out of lockdown by June 21st – making Brits believe even more that they couldn’t trust the Government – at a critical time when a more apathetic younger generation was given the opportunity to have their first COVID jab.

The official opposition to the draconian lockdown wasn’t Labour or the ‘free and fearless’ leftie press, it was the paper they all love to hate.

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