IT’S OFFICIAL: Politicalite Has Been NewsGuard Approved with a GREEN Rating

POLITICALITE – Britain’s Number 1 Populist News Outlet – is now News Guard approved, and the left is about to get seriously triggered. 

The New York based news rating tool ranks global news outlets judging them trustworthy or not and gives outlets a red (bad) or green (good) “nutrition label”.

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The service made headlines at the start of the year when it gave Mail Online in the US a red rating, claiming it failed to uphold “basic standards of accuracy or accountability”, but later went back on this.

Last year, Politicalite was slapped with a red rating for not handling news and information responsibly, but over the past twelve months our outlet has spent a ton of money investing in exclusive original content have now been given a green rating. 

These outlets include all news and information websites that account for 90 per cent of online engagement in the country in terms of both traffic and social media stats.

All websites are ranked based on nine factors, which are:

  • Not repeatedly publishing false content
  • Gathering and presenting information responsibly
  • Regular corrections and clarifications (where necessary)
  • Handling the difference between news and opinion responsibly.
  • Avoiding deceptive headlines
  • Disclosing ownership and source(s) of financing
  • Clearly labels advertising
  • Reveals who is in charge and any conflicts of interest
  • Provides name of content creators with either contact or biographical information.

Outlets are ranked on a scale of 0 to 100 points, with each of the nine factors being weighted differently based on importance. A website needs 60 points to be given a green label.

NewsGuard praised Politicalite for its original reporting and the handling of information and transparency and gave us a score of 67.5 out of 100. 

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