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IT’S SNOW JOKE: Channel 4 News in bias controversy

CHANNEL 4 NEWS has become the latest in a long line of left-wing news outlets that have been caught out in a bias storm.

CHANNEL 4 NEWS has become the latest in a long line of left-wing news outlets that have been caught out in a bias storm.

If you hadn’t heard, Jon Snow, Channel 4’s stalwart news anchor for 28 years, was caught out after a reveller at Glastonbury said on Twitter that the veteran broadcaster had shouted ‘fuck the Tories’ whilst dancing.

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Danny Milleau, who has since deleted his tweet, said he was impressed when Snow “turned around just after he got off and sarcastically went ‘I’m supposed to be neutral’.”

He noted Snow had “bounced over and had a little dance” with the students, adding: “He was proper sound, had a good little boogie with him and a good laugh, walked off and he sarcastically said he’s a neutral hahahah.”

Then on Wednesday, Channel 4 News hosted a discussion between the centre-right Adam Smith Institute’s Matt Kilcoyne and TWO other left-wing contributors.

Matt Kilcoyne jibed at Snow surrounding the incident at Glastonbury.

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He later told Guido-Fawkes that:

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“We were brought on for the interview, I was up against two left-wingers. Just to test the water as to whether Jon Snow was comfortable on the subject I asked him before we went live: “how was Glastonbury?” He replied saying it was fantastic, absolutely amazing, so he didn’t seem too offended by me mentioning it. We did the interview and at the end, as a joke, and just continuing the banter from earlier, I said “not everyone hates the Tories as much as you do”. Jon was instantly riled. As soon as we were off camera Jon turned and said to me: “Well thanks a bunch, you complete bellend, that was totally unprofessional”. The producer rushed over and grabbed my lapel mic off, telling me to “just leave”. I was being ushered out of the studio. Jon basically lost his temper. I did think it would lighten the mood at the end of the interview, it wasn’t a personal attack in any way.”


It seems that Jon Snow can dish it out, but can’t seem to take the banter back, now we know why Theresa May declined to go on Channel 4 News during the General Election campaign.

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