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ITV News’ new ‘Young, British and Muslim’ series isn’t going down very well…



ITV News has launched a new leftie ‘Young, British and Muslim’ online segment, and it’s not going down well with viewers. 

The 50-year-old news service is trying to become more ‘woke’ in the social media age by focusing on platforms beyond its highly-acclaimed scheduled bulletins on Television.

The man behind the new content is ITV News’ new head of digital, Stephen Hull, who worked at liberal cesspit Huff Post until six months ago.

The ‘Young, British and Muslim’ is a discussion programme and includes three Muslim guests giving their views on the news.


“I’m really excited about this,” Hull told The Drum late last year, “It’s a (young Muslim) voice that we don’t hear in mainstream media in a positive way and we think there’s a huge reason and motivation to give them a platform that becomes a household brand to them.”

You can literally imagine the planning meeting for this shower of shite, the show was most likely born in a totally hapless meeting just like those in W1A.

It seems ITV has wasted its investment in Hull, (as any social media expert would tell you) the British public is TIRED of social justice led content that bangs on about gender, race, religion and sexuality.

Now, I’m not saying Brits are not inclusive of other cultures… of course, we are – have you seen your local high street? We are a welcoming nation and most of us we accept people from all walks of life… but what don’t need in our newsfeeds, is more liberal tosh that tells us how to think, how to feel, whats right and what is wrong… this stuff drains the life out of us and turns us off!

When ITV pushed its new Muslim only content, ITV News’ subscribers on their Facebook page told ITV exactly what they thought of the content, oh, and don’t worry, Politicalite was there to kick things off in the right direction.


David Clift compared the series to something Alan Partridge would come up with…

William McDonald wrote:


Robert Houghton said:

Martin Oldroyd posted something much more interesting.

Tyree Mason told ITV he’d rather watch paint dry…


These Reactions are just a few of 100% negative feedback, and the angry reactions said it ALL!

Now, If Hull knew anything about the modern media playing field.. you wouldn’t need this to be explained to you by public humiliation on Facebook.

You see, what is relevant in the liberal London media bubble where everything is all about labels, gender, race and sexual identity, isn’t too relevant on Salford High Street, and people just don’t care.

Back to the drawing board eh, ITV?


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