JAMES NO-MATES: ITV’s Europe Editor SLAMMED over ‘Anti-Farage’ Bias

JAMES Mates, ITV News’ Europe Editor.. (you know… that guy with the funny eyebrows) has come under heavy fire on social media after it was revealed he doesn’t even ‘browse’ the Twitter feed of the hugeley popular Brexit Party leader, Nigel Farage.

Showing a shocking display of Elitism and anti-Brexit bias, the 57-year-old journalist took to twitter to bemoan the presence of a Tweet from Mr Farage.

Mates, 57 wrote “How does this tweet get into my timeline when I don’t follow Nigel Farage and noone I follow has retweeted it? ”

The ITN journo added: “It’s not marked as an advertisement. Given how political it is, can anyone explain? @jack [Twitter’s CEO]”

His ill-judged tweet was hit with heavy criticism by the fellow Twitterarti who slammed Mr Mates for showing such bias, given ITV is supposed to be an impartial, independent news outlet.

Firefighter Paul Embery wrote: “I think the bigger question is why as the Europe editor for ITV news you don’t follow Farage!”

Harper Lee wrote: “Can you please clarify that ITV news is supposed to produce unbiased reports? And so the question is why don’t you follow @Nigel_Farage He’s the leader of a party who look like they’re going to win in the EU elections and you don’t think that’s relevant to your job??”

Another user wrote: “Bit unprofessional, shows how serious you take your job.”

” Like him or not Nigel is leading the polls in the EU elections and is arguably one of the most successful politicians of our era. Maybe you should pay attention and report the news accurately.”

James hit back with: “Strongly suspect the Nigel Farage twitter feed is curated by the same people who produce his press releases. And believe me, I see plenty of them.”

It’s not the first time ITV has shown disregard for the Brexit movement.

Earlier this month, Politicalite reported shocking bias towards UKIP Leader Gerard Batten.

Mr Batten, 64 was invited to take part in an interview with ITV News with ITV political editor Romilly Weeks, but it ended in the 45-year-old journalist showing incredible bias and sneering UKIP, and one of Britain’s most popular political activists.

It was supposed to be about the upcoming European Elections, but predictably, ITV had other ideas.

“This behind the scenes look at an interview conducted by an ITV journalist with UKIP Leader Gerard Batten.” said a UKIP spokesman.

The discussions that occur around an interview are usually more interesting than the broadcast interview itself.”

“Television channels search for brief clips to use in order to shape and support their own narrative. Here, UKIP provides the full unedited picture.”

Romilly, a supposed ‘political correspondent,’ starts by claiming that Nigel Farage leaving UKIP means the party is now ‘invisible.’

Romilly Weeks

This is despite the fact UKIP has gained an impressive 11,000 members since Batten took over, and UKIP has been very visible, too visible for the Establishment – and that’s large in part, to the appointment of Tommy Robinson as a grooming gangs advisor.

Batten hit back: “I’ve been very visible, and I will be visible on your channel.”

The interview predictably turned to one Tommy Robinson and ITV claimed that the party was shifting to the so-called ‘far-right’.

ITV attacked Gerard again, and said: “What does someone with extreme far-right views and multiple criminal convictions bring to your party?”

Batten: “He hasn’t got far-right views.”

Rommily: “This is someone who’s been banned from every social media platform.”

Batten: “They’re banning people who they don’t agree with, and demonetizing them.”

“Only certain points of view are allowed.”

“There’s one notable case of a convicted criminal whos tagged in the House of Commons.’

“Four members of the House of Lords with criminal convictions and one is [allegedly] facing serious grooming charges.”

Gerard questioned why ITV didn’t just invite Mr Robinson on to speak about his views.

The response was one of utter contempt for the millions of Brits who back UKIP and Tommy, many probably tune in to ITV.

She snarkily replied: “We wouldn’t give him a platform”

That says it all.



This is the kind of one-sided hypocrisy that spews from the mouths of the media luvvies in the elitist garden of London, high on their perch of morality, whilst sitting in their own cesspit of double standards.

ITN that produces ITV News for the ITV network is supposed to be impartial, and it has a duty by law to produce impartial news, but it never does.


ITV News is part of the Establishment and no longer does the once ‘mainstream network’ of regions represent Britain.

They once did, but now ITV Plc has decimated the ITV regions and can no longer can they see the real mood in the country they broadcast upon.

ITV sits on a perch in the Elitist garden of London, and that’s above Gray’s Inn Road.

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