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LEFT FOX FORWARD: Fox News accused of ‘moving to the left’

ADVERTISERS have been urged to boycott America’s Number One cable news channel, Fox News which is owned by News Corp, after comments made by long standing show host Judge Jeanine Pirro. 

Judge Pirro told the truth about Islam in her “Opening Statement” on her Saturday night US television show “Justice with Judge Jeanine”.

The television show host, renowned for her straight talking passionate comments has been accused of “islamophobia” following her comments relating to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Judge Pirro pulled no punches when questioning Omar’s wearing of the hijab in Congress and her patriotism to the United States that she took an oath to protect and defend. 

Pirro questioned if Omar’s headscarf meant that the Minnesota congresswoman prioritised Sharia Law above the US constitution.

The banning of head coverings, hats, caps or headscarf’s on the Congress floor has stood for over 100 years and has applied even to cancer sufferers but the US Congress bowed to political correctness and changed the ruling to accommodate the radical Minnesota Democrat. 

Omar was sworn in on the Quran after being elected in the most recent election cycle in America. 

Judge Jeanine announced that Omar wears the hijab which according to the Quran 33.59 tells women to cover so they won’t be molested. 

Pirro said in her “Opening Statement” segment on March 10th “Is her adherence to the Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia Law, which in itself is anti-ethical to the United States Constitution”.

If Omar doesn’t abide by Sharia Law then she effectively becomes an infidel. 

Judge Jeanine was interpreting the words in the Muslim holy book, the Quran tells ALL Muslims to go after Jews and Christians, the infidels and non-believers, Pirro isn’t a radical she was just reiterating the truth as stated in the Quran. 

In a statement to USA TODAY last Sunday, Fox News said “we are not commenting on internal scheduling matters”

Fox News pulled “Justice with Judge Jeanine” because of alleged scheduling matters. 

Nobody petitioned Fox to pull the Judges show, they took it upon themselves to bow to political correctness. 

The Murdoch’s, who allegedly donated millions Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential campaign, have also, in the same week, appointed disgraced former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, in what is seen as a huge swing towards the left. 

Lying, cheating, disgraced Brazile was fired from her role at CNN after being caught feeding Hillary Clinton town hall topic questions in the 2016 Presidential election campaign. 

Fox News has been accused of moving in the same direction as social media giants Facebook and Twitter in banning and removing anyone that stands against the narratives that are played out by the left. 

In shifting from a once trustworthy number one news outlet that was built by Roger Ailes, Fox News seems to be the latest media outlet to be hijacked by the political left, despite its right-wing roots 

Insiders at Fox News cannot stand those at the top of the now left leaning news outlet, many say they hate Trump and will soon be throwing him under the bus in favour of the radical lefty Beto O’Rourke who will bring America to its knees if he his elected in 2020.

Murdoch’s move to the left is reportedly all about ratings to gain a much larger audience. 

Mainstream media has become agenda driven bile to push the narratives of the global elite, all they want to do is programme your mind and tell you how to think and manipulate you by telling you what you should be outraged about. 

When they have school shootings in America the phoney mainstream media tell you that there is a gun problem and the news wires peddle the gun control rhetoric.

When black people are killing black people on the streets there is a gang problem.

When latino’s are entering across the southern border with no documentation, no health care checks and are not criminally vetted, there isn’t a border crisis, it’s a humanitarian crisis.

Yet when one crazed lunatic goes on the rampage and takes the lives of 50 people in New Zealand suddenly we have a white person problem, a deep rooted issue with white nationalists and white supremacists inspired by President Donald J. Trump.

The fake news media blame YOU, they blame your white privilege and push the narrative non-stop, regurgitating the message over and over with wall to wall coverage yet when white Christians are butchered and killed in Nigeria you hardly hear anything about it.

They use selective outrage to manipulate you into thinking that YOU are the problem.

You are not and a stand needs to be taken against these fake and manipulating news agencies that have been hijacked by leftwing billionaires who are plying the agenda of the globalists.

Switch them off, remove their funding and stop contributing to the division they are causing. 

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