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DEAF-CON 1: Leftist media attack Michael Gove for Weinstein joke, but stay silent on Jared O’Mara


UNDER-FIRE Tory MP Micheal Gove has apologised following an ‘outcry’ over a joke comparing tough interviews on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme to going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.

The Environment Secretary said his “clumsy attempt at humour … wasn’t appropriate. I’m sorry and apologise unreservedly.”

The incident occurred when Radio 4 presenter John Humphrys asked whether interviews on Today could make politicians look silly, Gove replied: “Well, I know what you mean. Sometimes I think that coming into the studio with you, John, is a bit like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.” WATCH CLIP

Following Gove’s joke, hard left new media website, Evolve Politics – who have remained SILENT on Labour’s scandal-hit Jared O Mara – exploded in a shitstorm of pure hypocrisy.

Evolve’s lead headline was an Audio clip calling for Gove’s firing.


Yes, the website that has been barricaded in the Nuclear bunker for the past week due to Jared O’Mara, is now in maximum readiness “DEAF-CON” mode simply because Gove is a Tory.

Former leftie Labour leader Neil Kinnock (who lost to grey old John Major in 1992)  was also being interviewed along with Gove and made similar remarks and responded to Gove’s joke with: “John [Humpries] goes way past groping – way past groping.”

But Evolve’s take on Kinnock is: “No. Kinnock’s are just as bad. However, Gove is a current serving politician. This makes what he said so much worse.”


The bright sparks over at Evolve seem to have forgotten that LORD Kinnock is also a current serving politician, as a member of the House of Lords… the clues in the name.

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