LICENCE FEE RISE: BBC is about to take MORE of your hard-earned cash from April 

THE BIASED BBC is about to raid your bank accounts for even more cash from April, the corporation has announced. 

Brits will be forced to pay a whopping £157.50 from April 3rd – up from £154.50 – a £3 increase. 

The BBC was recently slammed for its highly biased leftie woke content, and it’s Brexit night coverage was criticized after it featured a literal EU flag as its backdrop to Britain’s exit from the EU. 

The news came as a British comedian refused to appear on the network due to its biased and anti-British content. 

In a mainstream first, hilarious funny man Alistair Williams who has appeared on Comedy Central and The Comedy Store rejected a BBC request to appear on a BBC Radio 5 Live programme about the UK’s exit from the EU. 

The comic told the BBC: “Thanks for the opportunity to feature on the BBC’s Brexit coverage. However, due to the overwhelming bias and anti-British propaganda being produced by the BBC I’m [sic] afraid I would not be comfortable appearing on the network at this time.” 

Alistair exclusively told Politicalite: “I feel we can’t trust the BBC to give accurate, unbiased coverage anymore.” 

He also slammed a widely panned Horrible Histories video that was re-posted by CBBC’s Twitter arm that linked Queen Victoria to slavery and mocking Brexit. 

“The latest horrible histories episode was for me – anti-British propaganda, and it’s not even historically accurate,” Alistair said. 

“It’s aimed at children – the whole thing was appalling.” 

Alistair also slammed BBC News set designers who dressed the BBC News Studio in the ‘EU flag’ for its Brexit Night coverage sparking outrage among Brexiteers. 

Alistair joked that “The studio looks like an Ikea advert!” 

The BBC’s own anchors have also slammed the corporations Brexit coverage.

The Horrible Histories skit was attacked by Andrew Neil describing it as “anti-British drivel”.

“This is anti-British drivel of a high order. Was any of the licence fee used to produce something purely designed to demean us?” said Neil.

The BBC has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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