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“LIKE AN ACTION MOVIE” Lauren Southern Launches Documentary Trailer

LAST night, Lauren Southern dropped her new Borderless documentary trailer, announcing it will be released in time for the European Elections in May.

Fans reacted with excitement and awe when Lauren Southern, an award-winning journalist, posted her upcoming documentary trailer last night.

It shows scenes inside crime networks across North Africa and Southern European coastlines. Filmed in 9 countries, focusing specifically on the relationships between NGOs, refugees and human traffickers, the movie promises to blow the whole thing wide open.

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Caolan Robertson, producer of Borderless told Politicalite that “It was an extremely dangerous project, filmed in countries with the most restrictions on journalism in the world. We were hiding from police in Turkey, holding our breath at checkpoints in Maghreb to go undercover several times inside NGO groups and trafficking rings. But it was worth it to tell the truth and make this project happen”

The trailer features a Turkish olive farmer, who had his coastal farmland taken over one night by armed people traffickers who told him ‘this is our land now’. These groups use this land as a base to store supplies and give passage to migrants onto boats headed for Europe.

Another scene featured in the trailer is inside a Moroccan mountain camp, a place migrants gather and live in preparation to storm the country’s border with a Spanish enclave.

This is the first time in history several members of a human trafficking organisation have ever appeared on camera in relation to the border crisis.

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Lauren will be releasing a number of reports from the documentary this week, including finding proof of ISIS presence in refugee camps, these are expected to drop any day this week.

More follows. 

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