LIMITED EDITION: Politicalite is now registered as an official news company

REBELLIOUS Politicalite has decided to go all official and we are now a proper company… WTF!

The independent populist news outlet read by more than 300k readers a month is now official and we are ready to keep up the fight against the lying fake news MSM.

We will still cover British and American Politics in a provocative and easy to understand tabloid style and we will still back the forgotten working classes, the Free Tommy movement, the Brexiteers, the anti-Globalists and the people who are tired of the Establishment.

New Politicalite UK Ltd Director and Politicalite’s Editor, Jordan James said: “Since starting the website in April 2017 with just a fiver, we have come far, we still have a long way to go and hope to employ a full team of writers full time,”

It’s crazy, last month we had 370k readers, smashing Junes record of 340k, on Facebook we have had a reach of over 10m since May, we really are becoming an Alternative to the Fake News media that repeatedly lies about the working-classes,”

“I’m proud of what we have achieved and I’m proud to have backed and given a platform to independent writers and citizen journalists.”

“I’m also pleased we took the decision to back the Free Speech movement in the UK and the fight to Free Tommy, becoming Limited doesn’t mean we are giving up the fight, it means we are preparing for full-scale battle.”

“We took a huge risk reporting the Tommy Robinson case under a media ban, but these are Orwellian times, and despite questioning our beliefs at times when we were facing full attack from State Security Services, MSM journos, Russia Today and losing ad deals with Sky Bet, I’m so glad I had the balls to speak the truth.

Along with the working-class people of Britain, UKIP and other Alternative Outlets, we told the Establishment were to stick it and you can expect much more of that.”

James added: “We have big plans for the future and hope to smash the Mainstream Media and report the truth about the state of Britain.”

“In recent days there has been a crackdown on Free Speech and the Alternative media with the banning of InfoWars on multiple platforms.”

“Becoming ‘Politicalite UK Ltd’ will hopefully give us some added protection against the state censors, as we are now a legitimate news company.”

“We will follow rules, regulations but we will never lose our rebellious nature.”

Politicalite hopes to give a voice to more unreported news, alternative views and many more citizen journalists.

If you would like to write for us, contact us at

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