MAYS MASS ATTACK: Authoritarian PM May Tries To Suppress The Press

BRITAIN’s worst PM in history, Theresa May is under intense fire after attempting to suppress the press over the leaking of Kim Darroch’s comments on President Trump just months after suppressing the Alt Media. 

The anti-Free press PM whose administration was behind the defunding by Google and banning of Politicalite from Facebook refused to criticise the Met after a controversial warning to journalists not to publish the leaked comments.

Britain’s possible next PM, Boris Johnso attacked the ‘Chinese-esque’ crackdown.

Mr Johnson condemned a “chilling effect on public debate” – while Jeremy Hunt said: “I defend to the hilt the right of the press to publish those leaks.”

The Met said: “The publication of leaked communications, knowing the damage they have caused or are likely to cause, may also be a criminal matter.”

Number 10 said: “The leak was completely unacceptable and the person who leaked the documents should now face the consequences.

“I’m not going to comment on an ongoing investigation and it’s important that the police are now able to get on with their work.”

He added: “On press freedom, the prime minister’s views are very well known – as she has said, a free press is one of the foundations on which our democracy rests.”

In April, Politicalite reported that UK Prime Minister Theresa May was planning “to crack down on what the Government sees as ‘disinformation’ ” and we also revealed how new laws dubbed ‘Online Harms’ could have a “devastating effect on non-mainstream news websites and anti-Establishment internet posts.”

“The new laws will mean Britain could potentially have tougher internet regulation than countries such as China.” a high-level source told Politicalite.

“That could mean that sites that provide alternative news are ‘completely blacklisted.’”.

Just TWO WEEKS later, the official Facebook page of a legitimate UK news outlet, that regularly reached more than 2m people a month, was totally banned by Facebook, and sources have told Politicalite that this is thanks to pressure by MPs and the British Government.

Politicalite is now Britain’s only news-outlet to be totally censored on Facebook.

The UK became a country that censors news outlets and cracks down on dissent and criticism of the Government… just like, yep, you got it… The People’s Republic of China.

New York-based NewsGuard described us as an ‘untrustworthy’ outlet, after we refused to reveal a high-level British source of our the ‘Worse Than China’ story.

NewsGuard claimed the report was ‘poorly sourced’, but US-based outlet Breitbart reported back in March that Facebook’s ‘Purge of British Right Wingers’ such as Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam and me (Jordan James) came after ‘Political Pressure’ by MPs and the British Government, in which Politicalite’s Editors were all banned on the social media network, before being restored.

Breitbart reported: “The bans occurred amid pressure from the British government (currently run by the so-called “conservative” party) on social media platforms to do more to combat “hate.”

“The British digital minister Margot James MP said today that she wants “world-leading tech regulation” for Britain, including massive fines against platforms like Facebook that don’t promptly remove alleged “hate speech.”

Thankfully, Mrs May will soon be out of office – and her reign of terror will be over.

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  1. Newspaniard

    July 16, 2019 at 13:41

    As the author of hate speech legislation when she was Home Secretary, the endorsement of shariah blasphemy laws has never been stronger especially with a death cultist as our latest HS. As for statistics generated by Hope Not Hate, you might as well read The Guardian for that kind of validity. Meanwhile, non-muslims are being criminalized and even gaoled for even a sideways look at a bin-liner clad woman. (Woman?)

  2. Ian Andrew-Patrick

    July 22, 2019 at 20:02

    May’s last act while being dragged howling from number ten Downing Street was to engineer / collaborate with one final slab of fake news – read the article here-

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