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MILLENIALS KILL THE BBC: Future of TV Licence in doubt after poll finds young people watch Netflix MORE than the BBC

MILLENIALS have actually done something good for a change, instead of moaning about Friends and The Simpsons for being “problematic” the young Brits are killing the BBC.

Ipsos MORI has found that young people spend far more time watching Netflix than all BBC television combined (including iPlayer.)

The findings are now raising questions about the relevance of the BBC and its future in a world of streaming and satellite tv.

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Viewing habits have changed dramatically, and each year it grows harder to justify forcing people to pay a premium for what is shocking content.

What does the BBC actually offer? Homes Under The Hammer, Biased News and EastEnders.

There are a few hits a year, like Happy Valley and Doctor Foster, but is it really worth £120 a year?

For just £5.50 a month, Netflix offers more than the BBC could ever muster, and you won’t end up staying at Her Majestys pleasure if you cancel your subscription.

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