MINISTRY OF UN-TRUTH: Treason May Sets Up ‘Fake News Force’ to FIGHT Alternative News

THERESA May’s weak Government has set up a ‘Fake News Force’ to attack and discredit the Alternative Media that will drive Alt News stories down Google’s search engine results and force the official government line to the top.

The man behind the evil plot to control the minds of the British public is ‘Yellow Tooth’, better known as Alex Aiken.

Alex Aiken – The Boss of Theresa May’s Fake News Force

He said in a blog post on the official Government website: “Earlier this year I announced plans to build a rapid response social media capability to help support the reclaiming of a fact-based public debate.”

In April, the Cabinet Office launched the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) to help tackle so-called ‘Fake News’.

The unit does not tackle the actual fake news purveyors such as The Sun or The Daily Mail who repeatedly lie about UKIP and Tommy Robinson, but they will target the Breitbart’s and Politicalite‘s across the web that actually have the balls to report the truth.

Yellow Tooth added: “The new team is made up of specialists including analyst-editors, data scientists, media and digital experts. It monitors news and information being shared and engaged with online to identify emerging issues with speed, accuracy and with integrity. We do this to better understand the news environment, to let departments know about emerging stories, and to assess the effectiveness of our public information.”

Based across the Cabinet Office and No.10, Yellow Tooth claimed that his evil product “is neither a “rebuttal” unit, nor is it a “fake news” unit.”

He claimed that the unit’s round the clock monitoring service has identified several stories of concern during the pilot, ranging from the chemical weapons attack in Syria to Crime Rates.

He used the Syrian airstrikes and said: “The unit identified that a number of false narratives from alternative news sources were gaining traction online. These “alt-news” sources are biased and rely on sensationalism rather than facts to pique readers’ interest.”

“Due to the way that search engine algorithms work, when people searched for information on the strikes, these unreliable sources were appearing above official UK government information.” Said Aiken.

“In fact, no government information was appearing on the first 15 pages of Google results.”

He also added: “The unit has also tackled misinformation closer to home. In early April, a number of articles from US and UK outlets reported on murder rates in London outstripping New York for the first time, based on the selective use of data.”

“Sensationalist in nature, these stories quickly spread via social media, which was then spotted by RRU monitoring.” added Aiken.

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