NEW LOW: Piers Morgan ABUSES Minister Speaking About Domestic Violence 

MOTORMOUTH Morgan is angering more and more Brits after Ofcom cleared the fake news hack of bullying, but it failed to stop him verbally abusing a minister who came on his show to discuss Domestic Violence amid the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Many viewers slammed his ‘bully boy’ tactics with others accusing the GMB anchor of bullying ministers and constantly attacking the Government. 

Jim Davidson and Lord Sugar have also spoken out against the presenter for his shoddy ‘gotcha’ journalism. 

Morgan, 58 bullied a minister who appeared on the programme to discuss Domestic Violence and instead talked over the minister and made it all about himself and Government bashing. 

Victoria Atkins MP faced a vile attack from the fake news hack despite the MP appearing on the show to discuss Domestic Violence, but Piers ended up abusing her.

One angry viewer hit back on Twitter and said: “I can’t believe the way @piersmorgan screamed on @GMB at that minister who was supposed to be interviewed about domesti violence? That was bullying at it’s finest!” 

Nicky Cambell wrote on Twitter: “Saw that clip of Victoria Atkins and feel @PiersMorgan went too far. People smile when they’re nervous especially women & he was shouting at one point. I don’t think pleasure being shown on here is covering anyone in glory.”

Another said: “This is just an after thought because people were complaining that you were making it more about the lack of PPE than domestic abuse, which is why she was on GMB and not to talk about PPE”

Jim Davidson wrote on Twitter: “Piers. Stop It. What Do You Want?” 

Whilst one MP said: “Piers is not acting as a journalist. As a barrack room lawyer? Yes. As a saloon bar bore? Yes. As a bully? Yes. As a show off? Undoubtedly. He is not a seeker after truth: he’s a male chicken.” 

“He’s turning into Jim Acosta from fake news CNN” said another angry viewer. 

Piers, who was unfollowed by President Trump last week after losing it and calling for the democratically elected leader of the free world and his FRIEND to “Shut the Fuck Up” in an vile attack. 

He also appeared on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ with liberal anti-Trump pundit Brian Stelter – showing Piers has now been embraced by the liberal left since his Trump backstabbing. 

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