NO BUZZ: Multi-Million Dollar BuzzFeed Threatened By Working-Class Kid With WiFi and a Keyboard

MULTI-MILLON Dollar media company BuzzFeed, was so threatened by Politicalite’s soaring success, they tried to brand the website, and me, the working-class editor (who’s a mixed-race queer) as ‘far right’ and lobbied an advertising company urging them to DROP an advertising deal with the site.

BuzzFeed, that had revenues of US$167 million in 2015, was so threatened by our quick success, they came after me, a skint working-class lad, who set up a blog with little more than a fiver from home last year, just because we chose to speak the truth about Tommy Robinson and report the true state of British politics with no PC filter.

Leftist bitch terrier, Mark Di Stefano, wrote a highly biased ‘attack piece’ to take us down, but his article revealed BuzzFeed’s REAL concern… we simply get more views and likes than them on Facebook, despite the firm having MILLIONS more likes.

Stefano wrote: “EuroNews, a 24-hour channel based in France and part-owned by NBCUniversal, which also owns a stake in BuzzFeed, acted this week to stop third-party aggregation of its content to a far-right website.”

“Many of Politicalite’s stories have gone viral on Facebook in recent months.”

“It’s one of several new hyperpartisan websites which continue to get huge audiences on Facebook, despite the social media platform de-prioritising “news” earlier this year.

“Politicalite’s most viral story this year was titled: “UNDER LABOUR’S WATCH: 1,000 girls raped, beaten and some KILLED in UK’s biggest grooming scandal”.

According to social media monitoring tool BuzzSumo, our article was shared on Facebook more than 120,000 times — which would rank it among one of the most shared UK political stories on Facebook in the past year.

The original article reposted and credited – just as all major news online news outlets do, from the leftie paper, The Sunday Mirror was shared 67,000 times on Facebook.

Yea, we got more shares than a national newspaper.

** Scoops Ice, Pours Whiskey and Lights Cigar after buttfucking Trinity Mirror with no lube.**

The hit piece FAILED after Politicalite exposed their dastardly plan to defund us earlier in the week, and their hyperpartisan article got a total of ZERO likes and ZERO shares on two of BuzzFeed UK’s major Facebook pages.

Twitter user Ellie Birch also called out Di Stefano’s attack, writing: “It is funny: far-left Buzzfeed labels Politicalite “far-right” in attempt to [achieve] what exactly?

Scare the people off?

I thought, people chose their sources because of the information, not labels.”

I also revealed to Di Stefano, the personal reasons why I hold the views I have, but it wouldn’t suit his agenda to publish that quote.

Thanks for the vote of confidence BuzzFeed News, we started with nothing, and we will continue to report the Unreported News no matter how many attack articles you write.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary Clarke-Baker

    December 2, 2018 at 00:51

    I am a fan. Do what you have to do to expose the ‘real’ news! Go for it! We so Admire your bravery! And we want to read more, more, more exclusive live news! Bravo!

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