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RATTLED: Ex-BBC Editor attacks Free Tommy movement and brands FLA ‘set of open racists’

A FORMER Editor of Newsnight and Channel 4 News has attacked the working-class Free Tommy movement and has called the Football Lads Alliance a ‘set of open racists.’

Paul Mason, who was Culture and Digital Editor of C4 News, and an Economic Editor for Newsnight wrote a piece for centre-left wing publication The New Statesman and said: “I’ve always said that if Brexit is the worst thing that happens to Britain – as centrism and the global order implode – we’ll have got away lightly. What it would mean not to get away lightly is becoming clear, as the forces of the UK far right converge around a single project.”

Mason, who is now an out-of-touch freelance journalist added: “Ukip, under new leader Gerard Batten, has reoriented itself towards street politics and the groups who specialise in it. On 9 June, the party took part in a demonstration to free jailed English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, which became a drunken rampage across Whitehall, totally outflanking the police deployed to contain it.”

He then gave a prime example of the metropolitan elites sheer contempt for working-class Britain by attacking the FLA and the Veterans Against Terrorism.“On 23 June, Ukip joined the counter-demonstration against the anti-Brexit march, rubbing shoulders once again with an increasingly familiar set of open racists: the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA), the Veterans Against Terrorism group, whose elderly members turned up in service berets, and Generation Identity,” said Paul.

All his piece does is re-enforce the so-called ‘Alt-Rights’ belief that they have no idea about the issues facing working class people. Thanks for the compliments, Paul. The more you smear us, the more we know we are winning.

These people are not a ‘set of open racists,’ They are simply a bunch of angry, people who have been let down by you and you’re elitist mates.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. steve howell

    June 29, 2018 at 11:29

    What a knob. Perfect example of the London liberal elite.

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