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RUNNING SCARED: Leftie Mainstream Media Dwellers ‘Terrified’ of ‘Murdoch News Channel’



LEFTIE Media luvvies, Labour activists and  Scottish Nationalists are running scared of Rupert Murdoch’s rumoured new venture that is set to see Nigel Farage and Andrew Neil bring the news back to Television.

Sources have told Politicalite that several former production staffers from the industry have been seen at News UK’s London Bridge HQ and Murdoch’s media manor on the River Thames has reportedly had “heavy” TV broadcasting equipment installed – meaning that the rumours of Murdoch’s new venture could soon be a reality.

Coronavirus: News UK cleaning communal areas every 30 minutes ...

Yet… one Scottish Nationalist took to Twitter branding the idea of Murdoch’s rumoured new channel ‘GB News’ “disturbing” claiming that there was “no need” for any more right-wing news broadcasting in the U,K., which already has more than its fair share.”

“The prospect of Farage taking part is particularly unpleasant.” said one.


Another started a wild conspiracy writing: “And you wonder why the Government have been running the BBC into the ground for months? To clear the way for Voldemort’s new ‘news’ programme! ”

The majority of media luvvies on an online industry forum reacted with snobbery and disdain, even attacking Politicalite for reporting the exciting new venture that has got members of the silent populist majority speaking out in support.

“I wouldn’t believe anything on Politicalite.” wrote one after we described Sky News truthfully. ” “Sky News has lost … its reputation for unbiased news.” Really? “Who actually believes this? said the out of touch media luvvie vying to replace Hall and Oats’ Out of Touch.

The MSM swine then wailed: “Also, unless Murdoch is going to be launching an online-only channel, it’s going to have to comply with Ofcom’s due impartiality and due accuracy rules, so can’t be a “right-wing outlet”.”

The mainstream media luvvie seemed blissfully unaware that the BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 4 all ignore the Ofcom broadcasting code that requires “due impartiality” on an hourly basis.


Another media worker pondered: “Is there really enough demand in the UK for another news channel?”

“There is already Sky and BBC. And access to several international news channels via Sky, including the popular CNN International.”

Read that again, they’re seemingly unaware that the current crop of mainstream news is the whole reason there is a massive appetite for a populist news channel to rival the media establishment.

Brits are tired of being lectured, told what to think, what they can and can’t say. Having leftie agendas pushed down their throat, they want to hear and see something different to the current offering.


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