RUSSIA REPORT: We’re Ending Our Partnership with Ruplty Following The Russia Report

POLITICALITE is ending its content partnership with Ruptly following the revelations in the Russia report. 

Ruptly is a video content news agency specializing in video on demand. It’s based in Berlin, Germany, but many fear it’s controlled by Putin’s Russia. 

News Worldwide Director Jordan James said: “Politicalite is focusing on a western news narrative and will no longer provide a platform for Russian produced content following allegations of Russian interference in British politics.” 

Ruptly says that it is editorially and commercially independent, but its sole shareholder is ANO “TV-Novosti”, a Russian government-funded non-profit organisation which also controls RT.

Ruptly operates worldwide, serving over 1,400 clients globally. These include large media groups, broadcast networks, video bloggers and online publishers. 

Clients also include Al JazeeraCBSNHK, and new wave online publishers such as LADbible.

Politicalite will no longer stream video or post content produced by RUPTLY and move to an in-house system from September. 

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