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SAVE OUR STEWART! ITN Legends Absence on Brexit Night Exposes ITV’s Bias



VETERAN ITN Broadcaster Alistair Stewart was forced out of ITV News this week after a so-called Twitter race-storm, in which the anchorman quoted… Hitler? Nope. One William Shakespeare… yes, really.

Oh, but fear not, anchors can actually be ‘racist’ on the actual ITV television network… so long as your rent-a-gob Piers Morgan, despite the channel being attacked after he mocked the Chinese language on Good Morning Britain.

So, it seemed ITV wanted to ‘look cool’ among its London bubble-dwelling media luvvies, so it decided to showcase a ‘Remoan-Extravaganza’ on Brexit Night, lead by none other, than Royal bottom licker and liberal luvvie, HRH Tom Bradby, and it soon became abundantly clear just how vital it is to have a true veteran broadcaster at the helm of flagship coverage of a historic British event.

57,000 people so far have signed a petition to have Alistair re-instated, but it didn’t stop so-called ‘Man of the People’ (Public School Boy) Tom Bradby leading a highly biased love-in to mark Britain’s departure from the EU in which the majority of its mostly working-class viewers voted to leave.


Bradby, who always seems to make the story all about him – once told the story of how he attempted to ‘save a suicidal man’ who had driven his car into the sea while he was holidaying in Greece.

Bradby was a guest of honour at Meghan and Harry’s Wedding.

That is however, during the media-blitz of the run-up to his big-time gig, the take-over of what was once ITN’s most prestigious broadcast, News at Ten.

News at Ten’s 90s Heyday… Back when ITN was ‘woke’ before it was even a thing. 

At the time Bradby tweeted: “Just watched an elderly man commit suicide in Greece by driving his car off the harbour wall in Rafina.” .. truly Heartbreaking.

Until, Me Me Bradby (Just like his mate Meg who loves the attention) added: “Dived in, tried to help, couldn’t get him out. Completely shocking.” Yea, what was shocking was his eagerness to use a human tragedy to big-up his re-launch of News at Ten.

HRH Tom Bradby and his best mate Me Me Megan Markle

During the Remain love-in Live show at ITN HQ at Grays Inn Road, Bradby and ITV made it very clear that he disapproved of working-class Brexit with many sly remarks, jokes and of, course his (very-poor) trademark faces of sarcasm, showing that he’s not fit to host a prime-time news programme that’s required by British law to be impartial.

Credit: ITV News

Not satisfied with the broadcast using a ‘backward arrow’ as the special programmes logo (that’s code for Remain producer’s little joke that the UK is going in the wrong direction), Bradby used the countdown to Brexit to utter the words “The UK will have no skin in the game, no influence at the top table, it is a moment many have dreamed off, some have dreaded … Forty-seven years at the heart of a project.. and here we go…” Bradby couldn’t hide his disdain for democracy and fairness.

He, and ITV News producers couldn’t comprehend that the little people had won, then to top of the disrespect, the Pro-EU team in the ITV studio decided to talk over the National Anthem… they may as well have hosted the show from Brussels.

The programme then cut away from a beautiful visual of a Brexit Firework Show in Morley, West Yorkshire with working-class flag-waving Brits holding up pints and expressing their glee to show a few elderly OAP’s celebrating in a Pub (this was to showcase the narrative that only older people voted Brexit).

Earlier in the show ITV’s Juliet Bremner desperately tried to get Brit ex-pats on the Costa Del Sol to show “reservations at the fact we’re leaving the EU” in the middle of a literal PARTY!


Bremner was forced to say the words: “It’s a lively Friday night, but it’s **NOT A BREXIT PARTY!!!!*** People here have quite a few reservations.”

She was then joined by so-called ‘Scared Brits’ who feared the leap into the Brexit abyss….

One expat, who declared much to Bremnars dismay “Whatever happens happens” Pro-EU Julie then pushed the Patriotic expat with the line “You’ve got a teenage son, are you not worried about him?”

“NO, I’m a resident of Spain now, it doesn’t matter what happens in the UK” the ex-pat replied.

The fake news was failing to go to plan for poor old Juliet, so she swiftly moved on to Callum, one of Her Majesty’s hunky Gibraltarian Police officer.


Whilst he got Juliets Remain blood pumping by expressing his fear of Spain holding Gibraltar to ransom in upcoming Brexit Trade Talks, she soon cooled down when Callum told of his decision NOT to get a dual passport.

“I’m proud to be British, I’d like to remain in Spain whilst being British, I’m proud of my British heritage.” said the far-right Nazi Police man.

Clearly under-siege by these awful Nazi expats, Juliet pivoted back to the other two guests and asked if everything was going to be ok?”

“I Think so, yes” added one expat.

You see, this is the problem – the reporter is trying to get the ‘right’ answers for her Remain world-view, instead of impartially chairing a quickfire live Vox-pop. It’s basic media 101 – let the person who’s views are never-heard speak and hold back your own opinions – that’s the whole point of a Vox Pop Juliet.


Just like Tom, these ITV luvvies think only their worldview is essential – sadly, it’s ITV’s mostly working-class viewers who are essential and one man, Alistair Stewart knows this all too well.

PROPER GEEZER: Impartial Legend Al Has Worked on ITV News Since the 1980s

Last year Mr Stewart said: “It becomes increasingly difficult for the public to get their heads around what is happening in our politics if supposedly independent TV reporters keep giving us their views rather than the facts.” He’s is one of the few broadcasters on British TV News who is actually impartial… and what does ITN do? FIRES HIM.

According to the Daily Mail, TV legend Stewart was ‘forced-out’ of ITN by new chief executive Anna Mallett, with ITN insiders telling Buzzfeed that she and ‘wingman’ editorial director Chris Shaw must ‘explain why they have hung him out for a public shaming’.


ITN chief executive Anna Mallett, who allegedly wanted Stewart out and is now facing questions from staff (Credit: Daily Mail) 

Martin Shapland, 34, accused him of racism during a row on Twitter over the Crown and the taxpayer – but has since stated he did not want Alistair fired.

Good Morning Britain star and ITV News anchor Ranvir Singh gave Big Al some suppport on Twitter and wrote: “I adore this man. I have adored working alongside him, watching him operate, learning from him, giggling with him, taking his advice, and being able to say to people, I know that news. legend Alastair Stewart. It’s been an honour, Al xx

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