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SAVE OUR STEWART: Support For ITN Legend SUPRISES Woke ITV Bigwigs As Petition To Save Him Reaches 70k

ITV News was in crisis last week as it faced a massive backlash over the decision to axe legendary ITN man Alistair Stewart who was forced out following so-called race-row. 

Insiders say that ITN bigwigs were ‘stunned’ at the backlash against Mr Stewart being forced out, as he received incredible support across Britain. 

The network that was accused of hosting a ‘Remain-Extravaganza’ on Brexit night held crisis talks at its HQ on Grays Inn Road. 

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Alistair who has been a staple of ITV News broadcasts for decades was widley loved for his ‘Shakesperian’ bellows of the news to the soundtrack of big ben’s bongs, he was more than TV. 

According to the Daily Mail ITN chiefs held crisis meetings on Thursday and Friday to discuss how to handle the ‘complete mess’.

He is said to have been ‘deeply moved’ by the support, and has privately thanked colleagues for their messages.

A petition to reinstate Stewart has reached over 70,000 signatures as Brits fight back against the woke and out of touch mainstream media.

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Last year Mr Stewart slammed reporters and anchors who were breaking the law by being highly partisan despite being required by law to be impartial. 

He said“It becomes increasingly difficult for the public to get their heads around what is happening in our politics if supposedly independent TV reporters keep giving us their views rather than the facts.” 


He’s is one of the few broadcasters on British TV News who is actually impartial… and what does ITN do? FIRES HIM.

According to the Daily Mail, TV legend Stewart was ‘forced-out’ of ITN by new chief executive Anna Mallett, with ITN insiders telling Buzzfeed that she and ‘wingman’ editorial director Chris Shaw must ‘explain why they have hung him out for a public shaming’.

Good Morning Britain star and ITV News anchor Ranvir Singh gave Big Al some suppport on Twitter and wrote: “I adore this man. I have adored working alongside him, watching him operate, learning from him, giggling with him, taking his advice, and being able to say to people, I know that news. legend Alastair Stewart. It’s been an honour, Al xx

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Alistair Stewart is a veteran broadcaster, he was there when the Berlin Wall came down, you know it’s time for THE DAMN NEWS when his earth-shattering Shakespearian tones willow across the room with the sound of big ben’s bongs. He’s more than TV, as ITV like to say.

He’s there when he breaks into another repeat of Tipping Point to tell us about a god-awful terror attack or political event, Alistair is the voice of ITV News, he has been for FORTY YEARS. It’s HIS departure Bradby should be sobbing about, not Britain’s exit from the EU.


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