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SHUT UP YOU TARTS! Dumb Leftists brand Only Fools and Horses ‘Offensive’ after show hits Netflix

DUMB Leftists on Twitter ran into their safe spaces and branded Only Fools and Horses ‘Offensive’ and ‘Racist’ when the classic comedy hit Netflix earlier this year.

Millenials said that the record-breaking show that first aired on BBC1 in 1981 was ‘Horrifically racist’ and said that ‘Society moves on from the viewpoints shown in cherished TV shows.’

Another said: ‘Didn’t notice it at the time but Only Fools and Horses was racist as fuck. Looks quite shocking when you watch it now.’

And one claimed that he ‘didn’t notice’ how ‘racist’ the show was when it hit screens when he was younger.

Only Fools represented Britain as it was back then – it’s a classic working-class comedy-drama that is cherished in the hearts of Brits, the iconic show was also part of many of our childhoods, especially at Christmas when it would regularly pull in 20 million.

Many gritty shows about working-class London had offensive terms, even EastEnders included racial slurs when it launched to immediate success on BBC1 in 1985.

In one classic episode ‘Many Happy Returns’ Del Boy gives a young white boy 50 pence and tells him to go get an Icecream from the ‘Pakis’ on the corner – a term used by millions of working-class Brits throughout the 70s, 80, 90s and early 2000s.

The young lad then asks for another 50p for his black friend who he calls his ‘brother’ Only Fools writer John Sullivan may have used a racist term, but he then showed that a young white lad saw a black kid as his ‘brother’ and didn’t see a problem with that. How can that be racist?

Surprisingly, one Sri Lankan immigrant backed the hit show and claimed that Only Fools spoke to his family of Immigrants.

Jason Murugesu who is a writer for The New Statesman said that despite Del being White, he resonated with the hard-working immigrants who came to Britain in the 70s and 80s. “I don’t think there has been a show with which the British Asian community has identified more.” said Murugesu.

“Cramped apartments, hideous furniture, tacky wallpaper, makeshift dining tables and elder statesmen occupying dusty armchairs. The Trotters’ flat in Nelson Mandela House looked like all the homes of my relatives.

Whereas other hit shows of the 90s, such as Seinfeld and Friends, revolved around a group of self-obsessed characters who were all affluent, white and attractive, Only Fools employed a cavalcade of characters which were true to our lives. Del Boy’s circle of friends looked like my dad’s.

They were electricians, shop owners, and street cleaners. People who weren’t always comfortable, but we’re doing all right.”

That’s just the point, Only Fools was such a success because it showed the highs and lows of life, Del may have stolen, cheated and conned people but when push came to shove, he made the right decision and never grassed on his pals – that’s just the working-class way.

The first ever episode

Only Fools should inspire lefties and teach them that poor people don’t want a handout, they want to strive – and most of us want to get rich quick – just like Del did. The market trader who works hard and doesn’t beg the state for handouts or go to a food bank.

David Jason who played Del Boy was accused of racism in 2017 when, during a Jubilee radio broadcast, he told a story the Queen had once told about mistaking an ambassador for a gorilla.

“It’s all gone too far,” Mr Jason said.

‘We should be able to laugh at ourselves. he told The Daily Mail. “Comedy is anarchy and if you start making rules about what we cannot laugh about then it’s all lost.”

He added: “I find it sad that we allow the voices on Twitter and the like to take over and dictate what we can say. It’s given too much credence. A lot of the comedy I’ve done couldn’t be done today for those reasons. My first role with Ronnie Barker was when he was playing Abdul The Filthy and he was throwing banana skins and I was slipping on them.”

“When we did Open All Hours, Ronnie wanted Arkwright to have a stutter. We had two letters of complaint sent to us and two letters from people saying they were pleased Ronnie was bringing stuttering to the fore.

“We did all have a discussion about it. The producers talked to Ronnie. Ronnie stood his ground and said the character is funny and that the stuttering was a comic device that worked on several levels. The producer wrote a long letter back to the four people and the whole matter was discussed, thought about, explained and dealt with. Now you just need one comment to destroy everything.”

What do you think, is Only Fools racist? or is it time to ignore the professional moaners on Twitter?

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    31 July 2018 at 13:05

    I wonder why these pathetic crackpots who love to find offence in everything haven’t whinged yet about Dad’s Army? I can think of at least three reasons…..

    1) Lance Corporal Jones is patently racist when he talks about the fuzzy wuzzies not liking it up ’em.

    2) Captain Mainwaring is constantly offensive to a clearly immature and possibly retarded young lad in Private Pike when he calls him a “Stupid boy”.

    3) Poor Private Godfrey is the regular butt of jokes about his weak bladder and regular visits to the toilet – a serious example of ageism.

  2. Alan Godfrey

    31 July 2018 at 18:33

    I found that the shows that laugh at there own Religion and Culture, are far and away the best out there, The Kumars “Going for an English “ is an Absolute Classic, is that an English Racist Sketch, no its bloody Funny, Citizen Kane the Life of a Brummy Paki-Stani and the Old Merc Parked on the Kerb as a Status Symbol, and the Daughter that gets out of her Hijab as soon as Dad is out, no not Racist, just Bloody Funny, Never mind the Quality feel the width, taking the Piss out of the Jews, Love they Neighbour, very near the Mark on today’s standards with Chalky the Pal next door, but know just bloody Funny, Rising Damp, a Total Piss Take on Well Educated Black fellow with the Posh Accent, no not Racist, just Bloody Funny……………….Leave Only Fools and Horses Alone, not Racist just Bloody Funny.
    Alan Godfrey

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