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SKINT BRITAIN: Channel 4 star ‘Hung Out To Dry’ to protect Tories FAILED Universal Credit

SKINT Britain is Channel 4’s latest foray into ‘poverty porn’ and it has sparked fierce backlash across the town it was filmed in.

Hartlepool, in the North-East, is one of Britain’s most deprived areas, but the reality-doc gives a brilliant and shocking insight into the raw reality of life for the uneder-class Tory Britain.

The show has revealed the utter failure of the Tory governments ‘Universal Credit’ system that replaces the multiple Benefits and leaves claimants waiting ‘five weeks’ before their first payment, sending the very poorest into a spiral of homelessness, debt, starvation and rent arrears.

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Nathan Kerr, 24 who has become an unlikely star of the C4 reality show that is literally ‘Benefits Street’ On Steriods has faced scrutiny after he was shown to be hunting wild rabbits due to being unable to afford food.

In one scene, Nathan, whose mother is battling cancer and his girlfriend are shown to be ‘starving’ after three days without food. They later skin a rabbit that their dog had caught earlier in the day, to make a rabbit stew.

The scenes looked like something out of a Charles Dickens novel and shocked the nation, but Kerr who described himself as a ‘former drug-dealer’ is now being attacked by the mainstream media, particularly by so-called working-class newspaper, The Sun.

Nathan is no angel and in 2011 he was given a suspended sentence for allegedly stealing his now ex-girlfriends bankcard and withdrawing money, this was revealed to the nation by The Scum, who went on to attack the starving lad.

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The show has made both the Tory Government and the Department for Work and Pensions look bad, despite the latter refusing to appear in the show, so now the Governments mouthpieces are attacking one of the vulnerable stars of the show… we can’t have the harsh reality of starving Britons on television now, can we? that would destroy Theresa May’s ‘Stong and Stable’ image of ‘a country that works for everyone’.

Kerr and his current love Abbey were described as ‘whinging and moaning’ by The Sun, as they were seen hunting with their dog, catching a rabbit which they skinned and cooked as they were left penniless by Universal Credit.

The paper then harassed Kerr by turning up at his home and branded the 24-year-old a liar and a “nasty little fantasist”.

Kerr, 24 rightly threatened the hacks with a plank of wood.. well done Son!

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Politicalite is in no way condoning Kerr’s criminal past… but I’m sure you all know a ‘loveable rogue’ like Nathan, who’s been dealt a bad hand in life, but is it really moral to attack the weakest, just for appearing in a documentary and showing the harsh reality about the real state of poverty in Britain… thanks to the Tory government?

Just why is the UK’s most read a newspaper that supposedly ‘champions’ the working-class, attacking a vulnerable bloke who’s already at the bottom of the barrel?

It’s Simple really, it’s to protect the Tories, the Establishment and Universal Credit.

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Hartlepool’s local Labour council is also afraid of reality, and has ignored the shocking state of the very poorest in its own back yard.

The council has attacked Channel 4 and show creator Blast Films, simply for showing the raw reality of Britain’s underclass – they claimed it was ‘biased’ but refused to appear in the show when Blast approached them.


Gill Alexander, who is the chief executive of Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “I will be writing to Channel 4 and Blast Films – the company behind the documentary – to express my disappointment and frustration.”

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She added: “The programme was in no way a balanced exploration of this.”

Councillor Christopher Akers-Belcher, leader of Hartlepool Borough Council, said: “The truth is that Hartlepool is a great place to live, learn, work and invest.

“However, Blast Films don’t seem to be interested in portraying anything positive about our town at all.”

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