SKYFALL: Ofcom Receives 2,000 complaints about Sky News’ BIASED Tommy Robinson Interview

SKY News has been left red-faced after the once impartial and fair news network turned sour, attacking Tommy Robinson and in-turn the vast majority of the British people.

Brits inundated Britain’s media regulator Ofcom, with over 2,000 complaints about the botched interview on Sky News that was exposed as a fake after Mr Robinson published the full uncut interview on social media.

Kev Carroll, Tommy’s cousin and co-founder of the EDL secretly recorded the interview, meaning fake news reporter Jason Farrell was exposed for the fraud that he is.

PATRIOTS: Kev Carroll alongside Tommy Robinson

Tommy accused Sky of “spreading false headlines across the world” and exposed Sky’s blatant bias.

Ofcom revealed that have received more than 2,000 complaints regarding the interview – making it one of the most highly complained about TV incidents of the year, behind Celebrity Big Brother and Love Island, also showing just how much of a public figure Mr Robinson now is.

Fake Sky News’ Home Editor, Jason Farrell has also faced a huge backlash online after he DOUBLED DOWN on his attack – refusing to appologise.

LYING RAT: Jason Farrell

After Robinson exposed his fake news, Farell penned an opinion piece on the Sky News website.

He attacked Fox News – the only mainstream news outlet to report fairly on Mr Robinson and lashed out at its star host Tucker Carlson who receives millions of viewers per-night.

He slammed Tucker for speaking the truth when Carlson said that the British justice system had fallen to rack and ruin.

Tucker said: “The United Kingdom has become a mere shadow of the nation that gave us freedom of speech and freedom of the press and a host of other things we take for granted, but should probably not take for granted. Nobody knows this better than Tommy Robinson.”

Sky’s Farrell then mocked Tommy’s struggle in prison in which he was mentally tortured by saying “Carlson then treated the next seven minutes as a therapy session for poor Tommy.”

Even after the courts proved Tommy’s original arrest and sentencing in Leeds to be a “Kangaroo Court”, Farrell claimed that “America was being told” that Tommy had been jailed for expressing an opinion that the establishment didn’t like.

After ignoring Tommy’s ordeal whilst he was mentally tortured in Prison, He was SHOCKED that Tommy wouldn’t talk to him when he came out of prison and claimed “It’s not as if the media was ignoring Tommy Robinson. The press pack outside the Old Bailey this week would suggest a high level of interest.”

The vile Establishment hack even said: “Perhaps it’s hard to stomach but the global campaign to release him from jail following his conviction attracted over 600,000 signatures.”


To complain to Ofcom about Sky News’ Biased Interview with Tommy Robinson


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