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SOY BOY MURDOCH: The Sun & Sunday Times SMEAR Boris over Burqa row

RUPERT Murdoch’s The Sun Online and The Sunday Times have launched a smear campaign against hugely popular Boris Johnson following his Burqa comments.

The absolute cucks over at News UK slammed Boris and used comments from his Facebook page to attack him.

They said: “Boris Johnson’s Facebook has been flooded with hundreds of anti-Islam hate comments.”

“Even those including the tag “#islamophobicandproud” – have inundated the ex-Foreign Secretary’s social media page after he likened women wearing burkas to “letterboxes”.”

The Sun which once attacked the Burqa with THIS front page, has now turned on Boris to back Theresa the Muslim Appearer.

The Sun, 16th September 2013

The Sun added: “Other online comments used terms including “devil worshippers”, “invaders” and “lepers”, a Sunday Times investigation revealed.”

They even tried to claim that “Johnson’s controversial opinion piece had opened the floodgates, giving the green light for Islamophobic views to be voiced online.”

In 2013, The Sun printed this about the Burqa/Niqab:

1. The argument for lifting the veil in court is as clear-cut as it
gets. Judges, juries and lawyers should be able to see defendants’ or
witnesses’ faces. We believe Judge Murphy should have ordered the defendant
to uncover her face during OTHER evidence and not just hers.

The Sun also believes niqabs have no place in hospitals or schools. It is
important for a patient to see a nurse’s face, just as it is for a teacher
to see a pupil’s.

2. We would ban veils in other areas too, such as airports and banks,
where covered faces are a security threat. Banks won’t tolerate customers in
crash helmets. The same should apply with the niqab.

3. There is a greyer area around the rights of those Muslim women whose
job entails serving the public.

Here we side with their employer. If the full veil makes customers uneasy,
that can damage a business — and the firm should have the right to expect
her to remove it.

4. Many would ban veils from being worn even in the street, as they are
under France’s draconian law. The Sun believes that in a British street
people should wear what they like.

Boris Johnson is being investigated in an internal party probe over the article, where he said a woman covering her face “looked like a bank robber”.

Boris has still refused to apologise over his comments even when Theresa May said his comments “obviously have offended”.

Once again, News UK is attacking Boris, a man who speaks to Brits tired of being told what they CAN and CAN’T say.

Over in the states, where Murdoch owns and operates Fox News, the channel that wholeheartedly supports Mr Trump who once called for a ban on Muslim immigration and tried to push through a ban on SEVEN majority Muslim nations.

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