STAR FROM THE TRUTH: Tabloid Rags RETRACT Tommy ‘OAP Attack’ Story

TWO TABLOID Rags owned by the Daily Mirror Group have been forced to RETRACT a story that claimed right-wing activist Tommy Robinson was ‘decked’ by a 70-year-old lag after the story was found to be FALSE.

Reach PLC who own The Daily and Sunday Mirror and The Daily Star and Daily Star Sunday were forced to remove the story from their website after dozens of complaints from Tommy supporters and an official complaint to Britain’s press regulator ‘IPSO’ – The Independent Press Standards Organization’.

FAKE NEWS: Star Claims Tommy ‘Decked’ By OAP

The two tabloids attempted a ‘character assassination’ with the story that claimed an “altercation” occurred in the showers inside Belmarsh nick ‘hours’ after the right-wing activist was jailed for reporting on the case of a Muslim Grooming Gang.

Belmarsh Prison said they had ‘no-record’ of the incident.

‘Fake Sources’ allegedly told the Star Sunday and Sunday Mirror – owned by the same company ‘Reach Plc’ that our Tommy ‘strutted into prison acting like a celebrity but was soon being abused by black, white and Asian inmates.’ – DESPITE Robinson, 36 being kept in solitary for his own protection.

Tommy’s official spokesman Avi Yemini who has been leading the campaign to try to make the fake story get rectified said: “We did it, the pressure worked!”

“The emails, phone calls and finally the official complaint I submitted on behalf of #TommyRobinson to the IPSO have forced the Daily Star to remove their fake news story about Tommy being ‘bashed on his first day in jail’.”


A ‘FREE TOMMY’ protest in Manchester attracted around 150 protesters this weekend, and they demanded that the jailed activist was released from prison.

After a campaign on social media, the protest attracted around 150 #FreeTommy protesters who rolled into Manchester and staged an impromptu protest inside the city’s Arndale shopping centre.



James Goddard told Politicalite: “There was about 150 to 200 hundred Tommy supporters, which was great considering the weather was atrocious.”

“We heard speeches throughout the day from Danny Tommo, Davey Trump, Dylan Cresswell and myself.”

“We met at 1pm in St Peters Square before marching through the city and into the Arndale shopping

“After marching through the Arndale, supporters then unfolded the #FreeTommy banner over the balcony, we then from a few speakers before marching back through the city centre.”

“Glancing through social media I’ve seen political opponents of ours moaning about a Communist stall being attacked and some of them even blaming yours truly, I mean the absolute cheek of it.”

“I attempted to calm the situation down after engaging in a quick chant of Oh Tommy Tommy, I then walked off.”

“The Communists decided to pack up their stall after getting rather heated with our side.”

“Which is always to be expected, given the fact that Left think it’s acceptable to use violence against us because our words are somehow violent!… And the usual culprit for calling for violence against the right is the grotesquely overweight, lying far left extremist Mike Stuchbery.”

“As usual the left are exaggerating this incident in an attempt to discredit the peaceful, good natured protest held yesterday for the political prisoner that is Tommy Robinson.”

“The left are that out of touch with reality they celebrate his
imprisonment, when they should feel just as outraged as we. A man has been sent to prison for causing anxiety to paedophiles.”

“But then how can we expect these people to empathise in the same way as us? when they’re clearly detached from reality and believe the lies and distorted, twisted narrative of the mainstream media.”

Next up for the #FreeTommy movement is a mass demonstration in Central London on Saturday 3rd
August 2019.

James added: If you believe in free speech and you’re against the wrongful imprisonment of a persecuted political prisoner then it’s essential that you attend. We MUST send a clear message to the Establishment that we the British people will not be silent, that we the British people demand change and we want Tommy Robinson immediately pardoned and released from custody.”

More follows.


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