STOP FUNDING HATE! ? Guardian SLAMMED over RACIST Priti Patel cartoon

LEFTIE paper The Guardian has been widely slammed after publishing a recent cartoon of Tory Home Secretary Priti Patel. 

This is in the wake of bullying accusations made against the Witham MP, mainly from former senior civil servant Sir Philip Rutnam.

Courtesy of The Guardian.

Many in politics and otherwise heavily criticised the cartoon, not only for possible racist connotations, but also the hypocrisy of how the left would be similarly outraged if one of their own had been portrayed in a similar manner.

Conservative MPs Sajid Javid and Liz Truss both condemned it, with the former stating it was ‘reminiscent of anti-Semitic cartoons from the last century’, and the latter stating that it was ‘horrible’ and ‘nastiness’, while refusing to publish it on her Twitter account.

Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson called it ‘upsetting and rather frightening’.

Meanwhile former MEP Patrick O’Flynn criticised how the BBC didn’t cover the story, whereas they may have done if it involved ‘a Daily Mail cartoon featuring Diane Abbott’.

The Core pointed out how Patel’s portrayal as bull was ‘insulting’, given that the animal is a scared animal in Hinduism.

Criticism has now come from the illustrious Hindu Council UK (of whose religion Patel is a member), who have called the cartoon ‘Hinduphobic’, all the while stating that it was ‘an expression of religious/racial hate’.

In their article about that subject matter, they took offence to the aforementioned bull depiction, compared it to ‘a classic example of medieval ‘witch hunting’’, and echoing Javid, brought up how it was similar to an ‘anti-Semitic portrayal of Jews by Nazis’.

This comes as the latter has been similarly criticised of racism following an op-ed written by Neha Shah called ‘How did British Indians become so prominent in the Conservative party?’, of which was described by Spiked columnist Frank Ferudi as the ‘identarian left’ giving MPs like Patel and Chancellor Rishi Sunak the role of ‘the race traitor’.

Patel herself has yet to respond to the cartoon.  The Guardian has yet to respond to racist allegations.

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