SUN SEES RED! Murdoch’s Sc*m TRIGGERED After Tommy Robinson Invited To Lords For Lunch

THE SUN was left fuming yesterday after patriotic Activist Tommy Robinson was invited to a lavish lunch at the House of Lords.

The Murdoch owned title that spends its days sucking on the political tit of Theresa May, described Tommy as a ‘Far Right Hot-Head’ and practically cried at the thought of Mr Robinson, 35 receiving a well-deserved dinner funded by the Taxpayer following his rally outside the Old Bailey.

Credit: Tommy Robinson – Instagram

He was invited by Ukip’s Lord Pearson and enjoyed top notch red and white wine in the Barry Room under the Lords chamber.

Tommy Robinson – Instagram

He enjoyed the three-course lunch with Lord Pearson, Ukip leader Gerard Batten and Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant after he addressed more than 2,000 supporters outside The Old Bailey.


Tommy hit back at The Sun and said: “I figured that this would trigger a few of the traitor class in the media & the establishment.”

The Sun hates Tommy and the so-called ‘newspaper’ published a vile editorial in August claiming that Tommy Robinson is a ‘nasty thug’ and a ‘grandstanding idiot.’

The Murdoch owned News UK title, who also owned News of The World, the paper that hacked phones of families of 7/7 bombing victims claimed that Tommy was ‘not a freedom fighter nor is he the hero he is made out to be in the sewer which social media has become.’

The same paper that smeared Hillsborough victims added ‘Nor is he a “reporter” fearlessly exposing an establishment cover-up of rapes by gangs of Asian men, that scandal has been exposed by actual journalists.’

They added: ‘Supporters say he was locked up too hastily and for too long. We have no sympathy’ and claimed the reporting restrictions were ‘neither unusual or a PC cover-up.’

They then made a strange U-Turn and said “Yes our legal system IS too secretive.” and claimed, “but it was crucial in the interests of justice” then they implied #FreeTommy supporters were idiots by saying “Its time his supporters grasped it.”

It’s not the first time The Sun has chosen the wrong side and attacked working-class hero Tommy.

They rubbished Tommy Robinson’s claims that he was unfairly treated in Prison after he revealed he suffered ‘mental torture’ during his time in HMP Onley.

In May, The Sun on Sunday’s Political Editor David Wooding tweeted about Stephanie Finnegan – the journalist who doxxed Tommy Robinson by publishing his former address.

David Wooding with his best pal Dave Cameron

Wicked Wooding said: “She still has far more skills than a man with an agenda playing at being a journalism, (actually it’s Journalist – mate) and breaking the law, in order to further a political agenda. And more nous than people who fall for this con.”

The Sun sides with the Establishment – they work for the Establishment and the Tory Government and will never honestly represent the people of working-class Britain.

Tommy is our working class hero, he speaks the TRUTH about the scandals blighting working-class Britain. The Sun lies and smears us and its reporters smear our Tommy.

In America, News Corp-owned Fox News, which also owns The Sun has told the truth about Tommy Robinson, so why can’t The Sun? … because they work for the British Establishment that illegally jailed Tommy Robinson without a fair trial – that was proven in August.

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