THANK YOU, AND GOODBYE: Populism Won, Politicalite Is Done!


written by Jordan James

LAST week, Britain woke up in a new age, the age of REAL working-class populism, and Boris Johnson won a stonking majority.

Britain is entering a new decade, and social media activism is no longer new, alternative media is no longer fresh and its time to give the baton to new, young, exciting voices and outlets that have something new to say – so we will no longer be regularly updating our website on a daily basis. 

In April 2017 this website was set up to give a voice to the silent majority, to provide a platform for undiscovered non-mainstream writers and citizen journalists, to make sense of the then crazy political revolution that was Populism, to say what the mainstream media refused to say, To expose slimy politicians and those that misled the electorate and to get Britain WOKE on Politics.

When we began in 2017 the chaotic birth of Brexit was still coming out screaming, and we made sure we were one of the loudest voices for the working-class Brexiteers and left-behind Britons. We spoke the truth, said the unsayable and even rattled Number 10.

“Walk into Number 10 Downing Street, take the first left and straight ahead of you is the prime minister’s press office, an open-plan room of civil servants sitting in rows outside the grand corner office of Theresa May’s director of communications, Robbie Gibb. A flat screen television sits on one of the walls, scrolling through what is being read online — the most popular conversations and shared articles, search words and trending topics. Increasingly, they also include a new breed of hyper-partisan news sites associated with the populist right. Some, like and, have seemingly surged from nowhere in recent months to occupy a dominant position in online conversations.” – Politico, December 2018

Along the way, we ended up giving a platform to those who were denied free speech, even though Politicalite may not have agreed with all they had to say.

We had a blast, from the ups, the (server) downs, we went were many doubted, and even ended up being read by MILLIONS across the globe, regularly attaining an audience of over 600,000 a month.

We we’re even read and retweeted by… Donald Trump Jr after Facebook started to ban right-wing pages like ours.

We went to places we never imagined possible and worked on stories with people from all walks of life. From a small working-class town in Northern England we helped shake the political world along with other Alt Media voices, if it wasn’t for us many similar sites born later wouldn’t operate in such a slick and simple way… but, the time has come to move on!

We feel our original mission is complete, and we thank our dedicated readers and more especially, the ones who donated to keep journalism online for the many, not the elite London bubble few… 

For the record, Politicalite was never far-right, it was just right… I mean, “how can an outlet run by a mixed-race gay guy be far-right?”

No matter where you come from, no matter your religion, race, sexuality, gender, your background, your class, who your friends are, what school you went too, no matter who your mother or father is… YOU alone have the ability to change the world and make a difference. 

From people who helped build the website, to the contributors that submitted content over the past three years, to the dear friends and family who fed me, watered me with whiskey and kept me going when Politicalite was attacked and defunded, to the tipsters and sources from Downing Street to Dark AlleysYOU ALL MADE THIS HAPPEN!

A BIG BIG Thank-you and Goodbye!

Jordan James – Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Politicalite UK LTD 







We want to thank the people that made Politicalite a success over the past three years. 

Politicalite is dedicated to my late best mate Christopher Greenhalgh, who helped me figure out and maintain our original website in 2017, and the only person who encouraged me to keep going when we had about six readers a day… 




Angela Eagleheart 

Darrell Goodliffe 

Ian Adamczyk 

Jay Beecher  






Avi Yemini 

Anne Marie Waters

Adam Honeysett Watts

Adam Brooks


Benny James

‘The Bosh’

Bethany Helmsley

Christopher Banks

Catherine Blaiklock

Christopher Heath

Dean Fillingham

Daniel Jupp

Dr Brian of London

Danny Tommo

Damian Taylor

David Winder

Ed Howard

Emilio Garcia


Gerard Batten

Ian Fantom

Jack Hadfield

Josh Barrow

James Goddard

Janice North

Joe Denby

Kealan Coady

Kris Hicks

Dr Julia Reid

Laura Thomas

Michael Graham


Michael Lee

Luke Nash-Jones

Niall McCrae

Oli Coulwill

Paul Oakley

Patrick Quinn

Prison Planet

Richard Strickland

Richard Helm

Raheem Kassam

Robin Popley

Sabre’s Edge

Shane Byers

Saurav Dutt

Shy Society

The Great Unsaid

Neil Hamilton

Tim Wilms


Tommy Robinson


The Unshackled

Vinnie Sullivan

Voice of Europe


If you have a recurring donation with Politicalite UK LTD, we urge you to check your direct debits and cancel any plans. 

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